One More Chance: Should You Follow The Three-Month Rule?

“Alam mo ba yung three-month rule?” Popoy

What is the three-month rule and why are we obsessed with it?

The 3-Month rule is a period in dating that suggests waiting for three months before making decisions. Some interpret the rule as not giving kisses, physical touches, or have sexual relations with a new beau until three months into the relationship; while others observe the rule after a breakup wherein they wait for three months before dating again. But, the question is, should the three-month rule be followed?

Why Three Of All Numbers?

According to studies, it takes 21 days to build a habit, but it can take up to 3 months to get settled in: be it a new job, a new home, or anything new at all! This is why the number 3 is considered the magic number for seeing a potential partner’s true personality traits, and possibly knowing if you have already moved on fully from a previous relationship. Also, it is the time when the initially established routine wears off and a more normal one takes place to consider all parties involved in the relationship. So, by three months, you should be able to know how often a potential partner goes out on a weekend, buys his or her groceries, their sleep duration, and etc.

Netizens Agree, Experts Disagree On Following The Rule

Before dating got too complicated as apps began to surge, couples would just meet randomly or through built connections, date for awhile, and then get married. Now, more and more people see multiple “potentials” before deciding on one, especially since it has become easier to have options in the current dating scene. After a breakup, it is now a piece of cake to simply swipe right to look for a rebound.

However, Patrice Le Goy, Phd LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, shared her disagreement on the rule, “Regardless of the amount of time, it is important to listen to your gut and make the decision that is best for you.” This statement also holds true to some relationships wherein the couple had been together for years, yet, they still end up separated; while, some couples who tied the knot early on into the relationship ended up happy and continued to grow old together.

Nonetheless, Google Trends on the subject of following the three-month rule has grown in the past years, showing that more and more people are interested in knowing and following the probationary period.

One More Chance, The Musical Returns In Three Months!

Speaking of three months, one of the best-selling purely Filipino-made musical will be returning on stage in three months! One More Chance, The Musical is a play inspired by the hit romantic movie trilogy starring Popoy and Basha, played by John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo on-screen. The musical features songs from Ben&Ben and has received rave reviews from its audiences; resulting in having another season for the show.

“This is your chance, 3 months only! PETA’s One More Chance, The Musical featuring the songs of Ben&Ben will be back for another season this August 23 – October 27, 2024! Ticket details are dropping very soon, follow us at @petatheater for the latest show updates! #PETAOneMoreChance,” posted the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) on social media.

So, are you one of those who follow the three-month rule or are you someone who goes with what your gut tells you? Share your thoughts in the comments below, Sugboanons!

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