No More Secrets: FB Messenger Reveals Edited Messages!

Meta has updated one of its Messenger features. You can now edit your messages that were sent too soon.

Photo from Meta’s Official Website

Edit Your Messages

Have you ever wanted to edit a message that was sent too soon or just a message you want to edit just on a whim? Well, good news for you! Meta has updated Messenger that lets you edit a sent message.

Photo from Meta’s Official Website
Photo from Meta’s Official Website

In December 2023, Meta launched a default end-to-end encryption for personal messages and calls in Messenger. Along with it is the updated feature of the messaging app that enables the user to edit a message. Meta has added an edit button when you long-press your own message sent within the app. However, the update can only allow the user the message that was sent within 15 minutes.

Is It Safe?

Photo from Meta’s Official Website

The updated feature of the app has become a concern for the app’s avid users, since the feature may be used for personal gain with hidden agendas, such as editing a message to tamper potential court evidence that can be used in a criminal trial. However, Meta reassured its users that they can report an edited message and the report will enable Meta to view the original content of the modified message.

— The update can be helpful for a lot of Messenger users, especially those who are careless enough to send nonsensical and shameful messages. Nevertheless, it is still important to review and reread the messages that you will send to a person online since Meta has a backup feature that enables them to view your unedited message sent in the app, and remember that a screenshot feature is available for all cellphones today; hence, your shameful and nonsensical messages can be documented and recorded!  

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