New Attraction Alert: Megaworld Brings ‘World Museum’ to Cebu!

Featuring exhibit galleries and mementos, this museum is set to be the newest tourist attraction in Cebu!

Megaworld, known for its innovative developments, is building a modern museum within The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, paying homage to the island’s cultural and historical heritage.

A 1.2 Billion Project

To be named “The Mactan World Museum,” the project will cost Php1.2 billion and be planted on Newtown Boulevard adjacent to Megaworld’s 8 Newtown Boulevard residential condominium. Mr. Dannie Alvarez, president of the Alliance of Greater Manila Museums Inc. (AGMMI), is the curator of the project, which will showcase artifacts and display the rich and vibrant cultural exchange between Spain and the Philippines over the decades, a testament to our shared history and heritage.

Inside the Museum

According to the announcement, “The Mactan World Museum” will be home to the following:

Five Exhibit Galleries

The museum’s second floor will feature five exhibit galleries featuring collections and artifacts, souvenirs, and virtual displays showing the influences and events between Spain and the Philippines.

Two Performance Halls

There will be a Flamenco Studio and a Multimedia Room where visitors can enjoy performances inspired by traditional Spanish dances and plays.

Immersive Hall

Looking for an audio-visual experience that will transport you back in time? Then you’re in luck! The museum will also house an immersive hall where historical events during the Spanish regime will be vividly showcased, offering a unique and engaging learning and entertainment experience.

The Mactan World Museum is not just a repository of history, but also a vibrant cultural hub. Its outdoor area will be adorned with three life-size monuments of Lapu-Lapu, King Philip II, and Ferdinand Magellan, adding to its historical significance. The museum will also host a variety of cultural activities, including bazaars, workshops, and a Filipino-themed self-portrait studio, making it a dynamic space that celebrates the local culture.

This grand project, set to open its doors in three years, is not just a museum but a gateway for locals and tourists alike to explore and celebrate the rich history and heritage of Mactan and the Philippines.

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