10 Must Try Food At The Barracks

Sometimes, we just need two good things to ease our stress: good food and good company. 

And who said good food needs to be expensive? 

From appetizers, desserts, main food, and drinks, the Barracks Carbon Market has wide food selections that await you for as low as P39!  

  1. Balai Pandesal – price starts at P29

If you are not as hungry to eat rice or you want bread for dessert, Balai Pandesal is perfect for you! For as low as P29, you can already have at least two Spanish Breads that you can share. 

Photo from Balai Pandesal on Facebook
  1. Sebu Cha – price starts at P39

Another budget drink or dessert after a hearty meal if you will, is Sebu Cha. 

Located at the left portion in the barracks Carbon Market, Sebu Cha offers you enough varying selections—from milktea, to coffee. 

And the catch, you don’t need to break your daily budget because a P39 can already satisfy your craving.

Photo from Sebu Cha Cafe – The Barracks at Carbon on Facebook
  1. Maranao Pater: Authentic Pater from Maguindanao – price starts at P39

The Barracks does not only feature sugbuanon delicacies. It also allows us to take a glimpse of Mindanao.

Fit for those who’ve never been to Mindanao or for those who missed Mindanao, pater or pastil is served by Maranao Pater: Authentic Pater from Maguindanao.  They are located at the left portion in Carbon Night Market.

And for only P39, you can already choose from the three different paters. They have crab meat, chicken, and beef.

Photo from Maranao Pater on Facebook
  1. Loy’s Tuslob Buwa – price starts at P150

If Pardo is too far for you to try the infamous Tuslob Buwa, you don’t have to worry because Loy’s Tuslob Buwa ensured that you don’t need to travel to Pardo to try it!

For as low as P150, you already have unli buwa (pig’s brain and other ingredients needed) and 10 puso (or hanging rice). This is consumable for any number of people. So whether you are alone, duo, or in a big group, if you think one buwa is enough for all of you, then you’re good to go! 

Photo from Loy’s Tuslob Buwa on Facebook
  1. The Crunch – price starts at P65

If you want something heavier than a bread but not as heavy as patter, the Barracks also has The Crunch who is known for their boneless chicken. 

Photo from The Crunch – Boneless Fried Chicken on Facebook

If the tables at the barracks are full of too crowded to your liking, you can bring your The Crunch order easily because of its practical food packaging. 

For as low as P65 pesos you can already enjoy a heart rice meal.

  1. Tsoko – price starts at P130 

If you want a dessert that’s something out of the ordinary, Tsoko is well suited for you! Because they are not only a dessert but it is also a drink at the same time. For as low as P130, you can already taste uniqueness on your mouth.

Photo from Tsoko Specialty Drinks on Facebook
  1. Boss Omelette – price starts P99

Give a man an egg and he shall make it many things out of it. 

Who doesn’t love egg for its versatility, right? And one of the fundamental recipe that can be made out of an egg is omelette.

In the Barracks, a simple omelette is made more special by Boss omelette for various ingredients added into the omelette such as vegetables, shrimp, and some other spices. 

For only P99, you can already make yourself full with their omelette and rice combos.

  1. Alisha Milktea and Shake – price starts at P49

Beyond desserts of course we need drinks to help us digest our food. 

Alisha Milktea and Shake is such a one perfect timining because not only do they offer desserts in the embodiment of milktea, but they also offer refreshments that can also quenc our thirst. They also offer shake and lemon juices.

Photo from Alisha- Milk Shake on Facebook

You can feel refreshed with Alisha’s Milktea and Shake for as low as P49.

  1. Ville Fruit – price starts at P80

Another thirst quencher is Ville fruit that offers a wide selection of tropical fruit shakes from classics down to special shakes. 

For as low as P80, you can already sip summer on your mouth.

Photo from Ville fruit on Facebook
  1. Sugbo Cocina – price starts at P99

See the line where the Sugbo Cocina meets seafoods? It calls me. 

Are you also a seafood lover? Worry not because, Sugbo Cocina at the Barracks is ready to serve you your favorite seafood of choice! 

Sugbo Cocina offers a platter of differet seafoods from crabs, shrimps, to baked scallops for as low as P99—name it and they shall serve you.

Photo from Sugbo Cocina on Facebook


  • Operating Hours: 

Monday to Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Friday to Sunday: 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM

  • Corkage fee: None
  • Contact numbers: N/A
  • Email address: N/A
  • Facebook Page: N/A


Exact Location: Freedom Park, Magallanes Street, Cebu City

BY COMMUTE: From Colon, you can ride any jeepney going to Carbon, 17B, 04H, 04I, 17C, 17D, etc. Tell the driver to drop you off at University of San Jose Recoletos which is across The Barracks. 

BY CAR:  Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “The Barracks” in Cebu. Parking space is available.

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