It’s Time to Ask Your Mother How She Is

Have you ever asked your mother how she is? When was the last time you asked her that question?

In our chaotic everyday lives, we find it easy to overlook the people who have been constants in our lives since the moment we were born. 

Our mothers, also known as the light of the house, often fade into the background as we start facing our own challenges and stepping into adulthood. But amidst our growing individual lives, have you ever wondered how your mom is?

Mothers are notorious for putting their children’s needs before their own. They have this nature where they automatically feel that they have to set their children as their number one priority. They juggle different roles every day without expecting anything in return. Yet, behind their selfless facade, they are also emotional, afraid, and vulnerable. Thus, behind their smiles lies their dead dreams and complex emotions. 

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, it is our time to acknowledge that our mothers are more than just caregivers. They are also complex individuals with their own pain, stories, and dreams. They were also once a daughter. 

In reality, our mothers need us too. They need our love, empathy, understanding, and support. They may not ask for it, but deep inside, they are trying to shove this reality away. Most of them do not want to be seen as weak nor vulnerable, and so, they do not open up about their emotions and needs. 

Let’s take this event as a day when we ask them how they are. Ask her about her day, her worries, her untold dreams and stories. Listen to her without making her feel that she is weak for being vulnerable. That she is weak for needing her child’s support and love. 

A listening ear opens a strongly closed bottle, cracking up as it is full of emotions inside. By asking how she is or even just having a conversation with her will not just improve your relationship as mother and child, but will also lessen the weight of what she’s been carrying. 

At the end of the day, a simple question—“Mom, how are you?”—can speak volumes of unsaid emotions and stories, and will remind her that she is loved and cared beyond measure. 

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