Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That You Can Find In Cebu

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Are you thinking about giving your mother a gift to express your appreciation and love for her?

Every second Sunday of May, we pay tribute to our mothers and honor these remarkable women in our lives. It is not just an ordinary day. Families all over the world celebrate this in unique ways to express their gratitude and love for the light of the home. 

Here are gift ideas that you can easily find around Cebu.


The most common mother’s day gift, yet remains valuable and meaningful. The delicate petals and enchanting natural fragrance from flowers never fail to make people, especially mothers, feel appreciated and loved. Flowers symbolize love, beauty, and appreciation. This type of gift is also easy to find since almost every corner of Cebu has flower shops and stalls. You can even buy budget-friendly bouquets around Carbon, Mabolo, Brgy. Luz, and in any local public markets. 

Personalized Leathers  

This is one of the most exceptional gifts that you can give to your mother. Personalized leathers offer a wide variety of products such as wallets, bags, tags, and even journals. It adds an exquisite touch as you can engrave a heartfelt message. Having it embossed on leathers can immortalize the message you tend to convey. You may get this in online shops, printing shops, and malls around Cebu.

Customized Gift Baskets 

This is an excellent choice as a Mother’s Day gift due to its versatility and thoughtfulness. Getting gift baskets filled with things that remind you of her or vividly specific things that you know she likes will absolutely flatter your mother. The customized touch demonstrates your attention to details and deep understanding of what makes her happy. There are many shops, both physical and online, which offer customized gift baskets. Whether they are home-based or shop-based, you can find this in Cebu. Specifically in gift shops, crafts shops, and in the marketplace.  


Clothes can pamper a mother. Whether it is a cozy clothing piece or a flattering dress, it can possibly bring nostalgia to her. On the other hand, this gift idea is also accessible since Cebu has a lot of clothing shops and stores. You can find clothes in malls and facebook marketplace. If you are looking for clothes with a fair price, you may visit Colon St. or Carbon. You can even take your mother with you to make it more memorable as you guys will have a bonding moment. 

Pamper Day 

Mothers deserve a pamper day! Take her to the salon, spa, makeup stores, and wellness centers. You can find these shops in malls, One Paseo Cebu, 88th Avenue, and more. It gives your mother a time to relax and rejuvenate. It will also strengthen your bond with her! It expresses as a well-deserved treat, a way to make her feel loved and appreciated. 

This list only serves as a guide of ideas. Nothing will beat a heart-felt Mother’s Day gift. 

It does not have to be pricey nor luxurious. What matters is that it came from your heart, and an idea you’ve conceptualized by using your love for your mother as a foundation. Every gift idea is unique. There is no such thing as ‘simple’ gifts when they are presented with genuine love and affection.  

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