Discover Affordable Elegance at Miss G’s Gown Rental & Wedding Boutique

Have a party fast approaching and still don’t have the perfect outfit? Fear not! Miss G’s Gown Rental & Wedding Boutique is here to take care of all your fancy outfit needs! From dazzling gowns to sharp suits and tuxedos, we’ve got you covered!

How Miss G’s Grew From Humble Beginnings

Passionate ever since the beginning, Miss G, the owner of the boutique, understands the struggle firsthand. Like many of us, she found herself in a fashion crisis before a company party, unable to find the perfect attire within her budget. Frustrated by the lack of affordable options in local stores, she took matters into her own hands. After purchasing a stunning gown online, she wowed the crowd at the event. 

But here comes the dilemma: she spent all of that money on what’s basically an overpriced dust collector in her closet. Thinking smartly, Miss G decided to rent out the gown for ₱500. To her surprise, the response was overwhelming! The demand kept growing that she had to purchase more gowns.

Miss G, driven by her innate entrepreneurial spirit, quickly identified that gap for affordable but showstopping outfits in the market. Determined to seize the opportunity, she founded Miss G’s Gown Rental & Wedding Boutique, elegantly bridging the gap and making stunning attire accessible to all.

Luxury Looks, Wallet-Friendly Prices

Why Miss G’s? Because every budget deserves a touch of glamour!

At Miss G’s Gown Rental & Wedding Boutique, looking stunning doesn’t have to break the bank. Miss G firmly believes that everyone deserves to look their best without overspending. This philosophy is the driving force behind her work, ensuring that customers can find the perfect outfit for any occasion without worrying about the cost.

Miss G’s own journey, starting from humble beginnings, fuels her passion to provide affordable yet elegant attire. Her goal is to offer everyone, especially those on a tight budget, the chance to shine on their special day.

Every day, the joy of satisfied customers returning their items with smiles and stories of compliments received reaffirms Miss G’s mission. It’s these moments that inspire her to continue providing high-quality outfits at affordable prices.

Miss G’s Best Sellers

Her store’s absolute best-sellers include dashing tuxedos and glamorous party gowns. 

With a diverse range of styles and colors, there’s something for everyone. Say goodbye to endless searches and hello to effortless elegance at Miss G’s Gown Rental & Wedding Boutique. 



  • Party Gowns: ₱500 – ₱1000
  • Cocktails: ₱500 – ₱1000
  • Ball Gowns: ₱1,000 – ₱2,000
  • Wedding Gowns: ₱1,500 – ₱3,000
  • Suits & Tuxedos: ₱800 – ₱1,500

Other Information:


Exact location: 

Cebu City: 2nd level, Iconique Mall Colon, Colon Street

Mandaue City: Ground Floor, Metro Park Hotel Mandaue, M. C. Briones St

BY BUS: For the Cebu City branch, ride 08G or 08F or any jeepney that passes by Colonnade. Ask to be dropped at Iconique Mall Colon.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Miss G’s Gown Rental & Wedding Boutique”

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