Artist Uses Metal Motorcycle Scraps to Create Sculptures

Art is timeless and formless in a way that neither of those would determine the value of a certain piece. The medium lies in the artist; I believe that artists don’t really choose the art they’re going to practice; it just finds them. With that being said, this is all very evident in the works of Dario Frias Jr., who used to run a motorcycle repair shop and is now making art pieces using discarded motorcycle parts.

Photo from Junior Frias on Facebook

The artist, residing in Sagada in the Cordillera Mountains, has always been a bike enthusiast. His involvement in the sport is what ultimately pushed him to pursue the art form, especially during the pandemic when everyone needed release from the conditions we had to live within such a hard time. To help the Mountain Province Trail Riders Group in a way he knows, he volunteered to make trophies using his pieces. Some of the other sculptures he has made are those of Apo Whang-od, Bob Marley, and an Igorot warrior. Both Dario’s subjects and his art form are truly tailor-fit to the personalities he has.

Photo from Junior Frias on Facebook

He mentioned how his fellow artists in the area were very much impressed by his works, considering how these artists specialize in painting and woodcarving. His unique art form truly makes him stand out, eventually making him part of the artists’ circle they have formed together, now called Damayan Tribal Arts.

Photo from Junior Frias on Facebook

The name of their group is derived from the wild mushrooms that only grow after heavy rains in their mountains called Damayan. Dario said that this is very symbolic of their entire group, which only started during the pandemic.

Photo from Junior Frias on Facebook

Luckily for Dario, he is very widely recognized for his artistry, selling out all of his pieces instantly. He currently works on commission while looking out for his metal fabrication business. He dreams of opening an art gallery one day to display all of his pieces, waving the flag of Sagada to anyone who wishes to see his otherworldly creations.

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