Manila Hospital Welcomes a Child Born 5 Seconds into 2024

While the rest of the world welcomed 2024, the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital dealt with something more extraordinary than our average new year’s eve celebrations. Rhona Lyn Concepcion, a first-time mother at age 23, gave birth to a baby boy just 5 seconds past midnight of January 1, 2024.

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Rhona, along with her partner, John Michael Dizon, 22, went over their glee and gratitude over the birth of their childbirth of Jhaiden Railey. The pair look forward to their child growing up healthy and God-fearing, while John Dizon promised to dedicate his life into giving their newborn the best life he could possibly have.

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Dr. Brenan Ian Capuno, a high-risk pregnancy specialist, imparted his thoughts regarding the new year’s deliveries saying that the hospital had relatively fewer deliveries in the first few hours of 2024 compared to the usual 20-30 average. He went on saying that while COVID-19 testing is not a requirement for women to go into delivery at this time, the hospital is still taking precaution through quarantining mothers showing symptoms for their safety and their newborns’. This goes to show how Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital guarantees providing safety for women and their children.

Photo from Philippine Star on Facebook

Moreover, the hospital gave new clothes to newborns as well as paraphernalia to the new mothers. This heartwarming gesture showcases their hospitality and support to those who have just stepped into the first stones of motherhood.

It truly is wonderful to see such a phenomenon that a lot of people would consider lucky and coincidental. This is all the more amazing seeing how it brings people closer and tightens the bonds of communities, giving a beautiful start of the year 2024.

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