Mandaue Offers Election Registration to Non-Mandaue Individuals

To vote is not only a right that Filipino citizens enjoy, it is also a responsibility. However, there are those people who wish to vote but cannot because they are not able to register.

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As a solution, the Commission on Elections Mandaue implemented the “Register Anywhere Program (RAP).”

This program allows non-Mandaue individuals to register in Mandaue for the upcoming 2025 midterm elections, especially for those individuals whose provinces necessitate a boat or plane as a mode of transportation.

Anna Fleur Gujilde, the Election Officer of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Mandaue said on Monday, February 12, 2024, that the Comelec plans to launch a pilot registration for the Register Anywhere Program (Rap) on February 27 at the University of San Carlos Talamban Campus and February 28 at Cebu Doctor’s University. 

Photo from Omar Sharif Dilangalen Mamalinta on Facebook
Photo from Omar Sharif Dilangalen Mamalinta on Facebook

However, the only individuals allowed to participate in the RAP Pilot Testing are the students and school personnel in the said universities. However, Guijede said that the program might be launched in their office for the public.

The pilot testing is said to be attended by officials from COMELEC offices in other provinces such as Cebu and Lapu-Lapu. Guijada also said that there might also be other RAP locations announced for the program.

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