Unlocking Fortune: Lucky Charms for 2024 in the Year of the Wood Dragon

Lucky charms may or may not work, but people believing that they do is the only thing that matters. How you choose to navigate life is something so deeply personal, and whatever gives you the strength to wake up and do something you like or you’re supposed to, then stick to it!

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For the Year of the Wood Dragon, there are several lucky charms that are deemed to stand out from the rest. From luck, true love, to good health, they are said to promise a lot.

The Luckiest Color for 2024: Emerald Green

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Aligning yourself with the energy of the Wood Dragon is important for you to harness your true potential for the year. With that being sad, you might want to incorporate the lucky color of 2024, emerald green. This color is not only characteristic to the traditional Chinese dragon, but it also symbolizes nature and prosperity. Emerald green is in relation to the heart chakra, which ultimately deals with love, compassion, and healing.

The Dragon Itself

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Being the fifth animal among the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is considered to be the most powerful and majestic of all the animals — one that is so mystic and unreal, it has only existed in legends. Embodying everything there has to be in a leader, the dragon represents courage, strength, and charisma.

One of the luckiest charms you can have for the year is the dragon itself. Believers prop up a dragon statue inside their home to attract the energy it promises. Some opt to wear a dragon necklace, ring, or bracelet, as long as the figure is seen. Paintings and figurines are also co opted by some. These are believed to attract power, fortune, and success.

The Number 8

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Eight has a similar value to the yin-yang in this case, symbolizing balance, harmony and infinity. The sheer equality and perfection of eight even as a figure seems to carry a lot of luck for the year. You may bring this lucky charm into your life through placing eight objects within your home, may they be crystals, candles, or coins, in order to bring in the positive energy the number gives for the year. Some people also include lucky numbers in their lottery bets.

Lucky Charm Bracelets

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Of course, being a stone that is of the the lucky color of the year, jade is the luckiest bracelet you can have for 2024. Green jade is known as the “stone of heaven”, which is believed to connect you to somewhere astral and beyond what is perceived. The realms it allows you to reach are known to be realms of guidance and wisdom.

Naturally, the green jade is also associated with the wood element in Feng Shui, blending seamlessly with the presence of the Wood Dragon in 2024.

Any year can bring so much anxiety and worry to people. Having these lucky charms to at least ease our minds that there is something higher than us that helps us through the rough patches of life can be very impactful to how we perceive ourselves, and what we believe we can do. May the spirit of the Wood Dragon be with us all!

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