Louis Tomlinson’s Unintentional Marriage: Fan’s Playful Prank in Indonesia

The 2013 tweets from Directioners now exit the internet and enter real life with a fan “marrying” Louis Tomlinson, tricking him by signing a supposed autograph.

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During the former One Direction member’s world tour in Indonesia, Louis Tomlinson unintentionally got himself in a wedlock with a fan. He was handed what looked like a Republic of Indonesia excerpt of a marriage certificate when he was signing autographs, in which photos of him and the fan side by side are plastered. His signature was prominently placed in the middle of the document.

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The fan’s experience was later shared on TikTok. She mentioned a playful remark from Louis where he said,  “If my wife wants to,” at some point.

But to get things straight if this worried any Directioner out there, local reports made it clear that Indonesian law doesn’t recognize this as a legal and actual union since it wasn’t formalized in a ceremony. The document is simply for fun and not legally binding.

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Along this amusing incident, Louis Tomlinson continues his musical endeavors as he tours with his “Faith In The Future” album.

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