Unlock Your Child’s Potential with Living Pupil Homeschool’s Top-Notch Education!

Teach your sons and daughters to be the best version of themselves through the Living Pupil Homeschool!

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Looking for the BEST homeschool provider in Cebu? Well, the search is over! Living Pupil Homeschool is just around the corner. Equipped with the Charlotte Mason Method and an open curriculum that offers flexible learning, then there is no doubt that the Living Pupil Homeschool is the best choice for you! Enrollment for the SY 2024 – 2025!

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—And here’s more! No need to wake up early to avoid the overwhelming traffic jam in the morning while driving your kids to school!

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The Living Pupil Homeschool Solutions

The pinnacle of education is right at your doorstep! Experience an international education curriculum and mold your children into the best person that they can be with the Living Pupil Homeschool in the comfort of your home or personal family space, while safeguarding them from the negative influences commonly found in the traditional school environments such as peer pressure, bullying, and exposure to inappropriate behavior or content.

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The Living Pupil Homeschool Solutions is a homeschool provider that is DepEd accredited, open curriculum and uses the well-famed Charlotte Mason Method. They are currently based in Cebu, but are operating on a nationwide and international scale. They aim to equip and empower parents as they take the helm of their children’s education, while envisioning the children to be the best that they can be and reach their utmost potential and be the leader of their generation with wisdom, passion and skills. 

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The Living Commitment

Living Pupil Homeschool is committed to provide parents with a personalized, gentle, and Christ-centered approach to education!

  1. Personalized Education

Living Pupil Homeschool allows parents to have free reign over their child’s education. They have the freedom to select lessons that tailor fit their child’s needs.

  1. Living Books

Completely different from the traditional learning taught in most schools where memorization of apparently established facts is a must. Living Pupil Homeschool is inspired by Charlotte Mason where students enjoy a bountiful feast of ideas through living books and not just dry facts.

  1. Cultivate Deep Love for Learning

Rather than be bound by the shackles of the idea that grades define your worth as a student, Living Pupil Homeschool aims to ignite a child’s deep love for learning instead of focusing only on grades.

  1. Educating the Whole Person

In contrast to the commonly practiced education through teaching book knowledge; the Living Pupil Homeschool trains the mind, the body and the will of a child through the habit of training and character education.

  1. Affordable 

As the prices of goods rise due to inflation, the Living Pupil Homeschool offers cheap prices for their education. Allowing families to manage their finances with their affordable tuition fee and installment plans.

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Offered Programs

Homeschool Program

The Parent Led Learning – this homeschool program of the Living Pupil Homeschool lets the parent take the full helm of the ship in educating their children. Through the Charlotte Mason approach, the parents are fully equipped to take charge of their child’s class, conduct quarterly assessment and even compute their child’s grade at the end of the school year. This program is readily available for Preschool education until the 12th grade.

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Homeschool Cottage

The Hybrid/Teacher Led Learning – this homeschool program is perfect for those parents who want to homeschool their kids but do not have enough time to do it on a full-time basis. This program will have a dedicated homeschool teacher facilitate a virtual class 3 – 5 times a week. This program is only available for Kindergarten 2 and Grades 1 – 10. However, they also offer limited programs for Grades 11 and 12. 

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*These rates only apply to families new to the Living Pupil Homeschool








  • Exact Location: San Agustin Village, Tugas, Inayawan, Cebu 
  • By Car: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps and pin the location “Living Pupil Homeschool.
Photo from Living Pupil Homeschool
Photo from Living Pupil Homeschool
Photo from Living Pupil Homeschool
Photo from Living Pupil Homeschool
Photo from Living Pupil Homeschool
Photo from Living Pupil Homeschool
Photo from Living Pupil Homeschool

The wish of every parent is to give their children the best education there is, so that their child will be able to excel in the society and achieve great things in their lives. Then, what are you waiting for? Apply Now at Living Pupil Homeschool by clicking this link https://livingpupilhomeschool.com/enrollment

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