The Supreme Seastop: Liquido by the C in Bantayan, Cebu

Bantayan is no stranger to being a consistent candidate for the best beaches ever. Liquido by the C completes the fun and adventures you seek on the island, just located in Baigad Lagoon Beach. The moment you step into the resort, you just have to look and be where your feet are – grains of sand caught in between your toes and the crystal blue waters being the cold contrast to the hot sun.

Photo from Liquido by the C Facebook Page

Liquido by the C is the perfect bar and grill you can stop by during a boat trip, or if you’re a guest in Baigad Lagoon Beach, then that’s even better. For the resort, there is an entrance of Php 150 per person, with seniors, locals, and PWD getting a discount of Php 50. Children under 6 are free, on the other hand. The whole staff makes sure that everyone has a good time, either through music, food, drinks, or simply just livening up the place.

Food and Beverages

A beach experience is, of course, incomplete without food and beverages that keep us going. Liquido by the C provides the most refreshing drinks and the most delicious dishes that fully ground your adventure. For the drinks, they have fruit shakes of different flavors that are very refreshing and a wide option of cocktails that will give you that beach buzz.

Liquido by the C, being a beachside restaurant, offers different sinugba dishes. Oh, how perfect are the beach and sinugba together? You may get their smoked fish with java rice and barbecued pork ribs with garlic rice. If you want a light snack, you can just get their buffalo wings with fries. They also have vegan options like hummus with pita.

Photo from Liquido by the C Facebook Page
Photo from Liquido by the C Facebook Page
Photo from Liquido by the C Facebook Page

Turn up at Liquido by the C

To make the environment more lively, Liquido by the C has a DJ to mix up sounds, making sure that the good times are accompanied by good music. If you check out the videos they have on social media, almost everyone is dancing, even their bartenders!

They sure know how to market their cocktails because this is the perfect vibe to go with getting tipsy. And let’s not forget to mention their pool deck, where you can totally bring your drink and simply have a good time overlooking the beautiful beach. Just make sure to bring an extra Php 200 if you want to use the pool.

Photo from Liquido by the C Facebook Page
Photo from Liquido by the C Facebook Page

Boats and Parking

Parking is free here at Baigad Lagoon Beach. However, there is a Php 50 boat fee per pax if you and your peers decide to go one way, while the round-trip boat fee is Php 100 per pax.

Other Inclusions at Baigad Lagoon Beach:

  • Picnic tables and beach loungers
  • Umbrellas and hammocks
  • Restrooms

Unlike traditional restaurants, restobars have to keep the vibe at 100% at all times, especially those located in tourist spots just like this one. Liquido by the C truly accomplishes this necessity, all while providing the best food and beverages that complement the beach experience perfectly. If you ever come to Bantayan, make sure to swing by Liquido by the C and have a good time.

Photo from Liquido by the C Facebook Page
Photo from Liquido by the C Facebook Page


Other Information:


Exact location: Access to Baigad Lagoon Beach to visit Liquido by the C go to Barangay Baigad – Baigad Lagoon Beach, Baigad, Bantayan Island, Philippines

Baigad Access Point – Tourists can go to Barangay Baigad then from there, look for the designated free parking lot or walk to the beach until you reach Baigad Lagoon Beach if you want to avoid boat fees or island-hopping fees.

Sillion Access Point – Access the property by going to Virgin Island and making Baigad Lagoon Beach as one of your island-hopping destinations.

BY CAR: Navigate with Waze or Google Maps and set your destination to “Baigad Lagoon Beach.”

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