Deliver Parcels & Get Spooked by the PH-Developed Horror Game, Ligaw

Get ready to get spooked by our very own psychological horror video game Ligaw!

Screengrab from LIGAW by Raven Studio’s Official YouTube

Ligaw is an indie video game that was developed by Filipino developers.

A Filipino Video Game

Screengrab from LIGAW by Raven Studio’s Official YouTube

The video game Ligaw was originally capstoned from a thesis of four classmates from the University of Caloocan City.

Photo from Softonic

The game is currently developed under Raven Studios. Apparently, the video game took inspiration from the delivery riders during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo from Softonic

The video game follows the delivery journey of a delivery rider in the Philippines during the night. The rider will be having the objective of delivering packages to residential homes in Caloocan City. You are the delivery rider in the game, where you will encounter strange visions and startling noises as you pave the eskinitas of Caloocan.

Photo from Softonic

The game will start with the usual package deliveries, until one customer insists on having his package delivered inside his residential home, and that signifies the start of chapter 1. From then on, the game will continue to progress as programmed.

More Than Just A Game

Photo from Softonic

Recently, the video game created a buzz in social media. Some content creators even tried playing the beta test of the game. A youtube content creator remarked “P*ta**a Pinoy na Pinoy!” after seeing the interior of the game setting, further adding, “This is a Filipino Apartment!” We can even observe some streamers get spooked and clamor while playing the game. 

However, Ligaw is more than just a game. The video game retells and commemorates the struggles of our delivery riders before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It shows how hard their livelihood truly is. That it is not easy to fulfill their task.

One of the game creators remarked, “Sila ‘yung naging way natin para makaconenct sa labas, kumilos,” further adding that, “Napapagod sila. Hindi rin biro ‘yung nararanasan nila.” Truly, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery riders were one of the unsung heroes and uncrowned kings.

Photo from Softonic

— The Philippines is one of the largest gaming communities in the entire world, and with the creation of the psychological horror game Ligaw, we Filipinos will surely leave a huge mark in the gaming industry and community. Also, may this video game opt other game developers in the country to level up their standards of creation in the gaming industry.

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