The Life of Leap Year Baby, Christine Torregosa

“But what do you mean it only comes every four years?”, I used to hear a lot when I was younger. There is especially something about leap years that make those born on February 29th magical. In a world whose population listens to stars and gets advice from the moon, it’s incredibly fascinating to hear from people directly tied to this phenomenon.

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This 2024, we’re about to witness another leap year. A lot of people say this is lucky, and for leap year babies, of course it is after four years of not seeing their birthdays on the calendar. Christine Torregosa, a leap-year baby, shares her own story.

Pisces are already as frisky on their own. That plus being a leap-year baby? Oh, we’re definitely in for a ride. Born with the uniqueness and charm associated with leap-year babies, Christine anticipates her birthday celebration, describing her leap-year baby status as “ordinary but extraordinary.” Of course, with the curiosity of children, she has had her fair share of misconceptions from childhood which she navigated with grace and humor.

She feels immense joy getting to celebrate her birthday with her loved ones, especially because the exact date only comes every few years. She mentions how amusing it is to see others’ reactions, feeling like a rare species just by being born on February 29th. Even in non-leap years, she still feels special during her birthdays simply because of the people surrounding her.

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Despite the rarity of February 29, Christine retains a preference for small celebrations with her closest loved ones. Even without the grand gestures awaiting her for her non-leap year birthdays, she appreciates the unique charm of having an infrequent occasion that celebrates her life. With all the humor surrounding leap years and how the babies’ ages are “supposed to be divided by 4”, as an astrology girlie, there’s definitely something so magical about having a day so scarce, much more being born on it. I don’t know anyone who’s a leap year baby, but I already believe that they are, in fact, a rare species.

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