What We Know So Far of King Charles III’s Cancer Diagnosis

In a shocking announcement. King Charles III is revealed to have cancer. 

Photo from Middle East Eye

The king has been experiencing health issues since last month. Buckingham Palace announced that he would go to the hospital for a “corrective procedure. ” 

On January 29, the king was discharged from the London Clinic and was reported to be better. However, he was also getting treatment for something else. The palace announced on Monday that the tests showed that the king had a “form of cancer.”

Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Moreover, no further details have been released as to what type of cancer it is. In addition, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak stated that King Charles’ cancer was caught at an earlier time, and he will continue getting treatment until he makes a full recovery. 

Photo from PBS

With this recent diagnosis, the King will be stepping down from his public duties to focus on recovery. 

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