K-Pop Cares About You! — K-Pop Songs That Tackle Mental Health Issues

K-Pop songs care about your mental health, too!

When you talk about K-Pop songs, you will mostly remember them due to their catchy tune and beat. However, did you know that there are K-Pop songs that tackle your mental health?

Hence, during your depressive episodes, these songs might help lift your spirits up!

Breathe by Lee Hi

The song was composed by the late SHINee member Kim Jong Hyun and was sung by Lee Hi. The lyrics of the song talks about Kim Jong Hyun’s devouring depression and his struggle with his fame. The song was sung by Lee Hi as a tribute to the late SHINee member.

The song reminds us to breathe and take it easy when everything is becoming too hard and heavy for your shoulders to handle. It is also a reminder that we have to check the mental health situation of the people close to us. 

Here’s a short snippet of the song that might resonate with you:

Take a deep breath
until both sides of your heart get numb
until it hurts a little
let out your breath even more
until you feel
like there’s nothing left inside…

Breathe by Lee Hi

Borders by Amber Liu

This song is a solo track that is composed and sung by the American singer, rapper, and songwriter Amber Liu. Additionally, she was also a member of the Korean girl group f(x). The song is a synth-hip hop track that  talks about never giving up on yourself.

The lyrics remind us that we must stay true to ourselves no matter what others say, and not let your confidence be toppled by the negative criticisms of others. Reminding us that it is important to believe in yourself.

Here’s a short snippet of the song that might resonate with you:

Cause mom said
I’d be crossing borders;
never be afraid even
when you’re cornered.
Stand up straight,
fight your way.
Fight your way!
Fight your way.

Borders by Amber Liu

Ugly by 2NE1

Ugly is a song that was sung by the popular girl group 2NE1 and was composed by Lydia Paek and Teddy Park. The song talks about people’s overly high standards of beauty and how this affects the self-esteem of an individual.

This song reminds us to not judge people by their physical appearance, because it is highly affecting an individual’s self-esteem. Also reminding us that little words of appreciation can be helpful.

Here’s a short snippet from the song that might resonate with you:

Don’t come near me,
I hate your attention.
I wanna leave for somewhere & shout!
This world is full of lies!

Ugly by 2Ne1

Paranoia by Kang Daniel

A song composed by Inverness; Max & Kyle and sung by Kang Daniel. The song tackles the singer’s experience of anxiety and depression. How crippling it can become, and how it can affect your day-to-day life.

The song reminds us how scary depression and anxiety can be, and how it can incapacitate an individual as a whole. Reminding us that it is important to address the issue immediately.

Here’s a short snippet from the song that might resonate with you:

Like an unawakeable nightmare
don’t ma-ma-mind
Dig deeper, deeper
You can run, you can hide;
but they always find…

Paranoia by Kang Daniel

The Last by Agust D

Is a song written by Pdgg and sung by the BTS member Suga now known as Agust D. The song talks about the mental health issues the BTS member has encountered all throughout his life. The Korean boy band member spoke up how nobody understood what he truly felt and how success has brought down his sanity.

The song reminds us that success can sometimes be a shackle to oneself. How it can entrap a person, and transform them into something unrecognizable. Reminding us that do not be too engrossed with success. Instead, focus on your mental health first before aiming for the top.

Here’s a short snippet from the song that you might relate to:

I’ve changed my youth for success
and that monster demands more wealth.
At times it puts a collar on my neck
to ruin and swallow me with greed.

The Last by Agust D

— It is important to remember that mental health needs to be taken care of. Hence, if you’re feeling sad or depressed, telling someone might help alleviate the heaviness of what you’re currently feeling. But if it is too taxing to you, listening to music that resonates with you will also be a helpful thing to do.

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