Justice For Killua: A Fight Against Animal Cruelty

Today, heartbreak filled social media as the devastating news reached 30.9K posts for #JusticeForKillua and 12K posts under “Anthony Solares” on the platform X (formerly Twitter) about another furbaby’s life being taken by an unforgiving person. The dog’s name was “Killua,” and he was beaten to death and placed inside a sack by the assailant named Anthony Solares.

The latest update of Killua’s fur parent, Vina Rachelle, on Facebook at 4:27 PM today, March 19, 2024, was about being able to reach the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). The CCTV recording posted by the Vina showed Killua running away and being struck by a dagger by the perpetrator, Solares. According to the owner, Killua accidentally got out from their locked residential gate, which may have caused the anxiety and fear of the dog since he’s not used to being outside the busy streets without supervision.

In the video taken by Vina, when they confronted Solares, it was seen that Killua was already in a sack, and Solares took him out of it to show Vina her dead dog. Solares stated an apology to the grieving family of Killua; however, he also said that he acted only because the dog might have attacked his child.

Killua, a golden retriever, was about to have his birthday celebrated by his fur parents, but because of the incident, he will no longer be able to. Netizens expressed their condolences to the bereaved family. They cried justice for Killua, urging the government and private organizations to act and put Solares behind bars as soon as possible.

May you rest in peace in rainbow heaven, Killua.

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