Why John Cena Appears Naked At The Oscars?

How would you react if you were to see a naked man on television? 

Glitz and glamor are the common outfits worn by Hollywood artists in prestigious awards. However, it seems that John Cena is unfazed as he appeared at the Oscars in his birthday suit.

Photo from Vanity Fair

With the envelope containing the winner of best costume design and a pair of Birkenstocks as the only clothing, John Cena seems to appear naked on the Oscar stage. 

When the envelope was removed from what supposedly covered some parts of his body, the crowd was surprised. Behind the envelope is the “modesty garment” that is widely used in TV or film for actors to cover their private parts, giving the illusion that they’re naked. 

But what exactly is a modesty garment? 

Photo from www.intimask.com

It is often sourced from scrap materials such as leftover fabrics. With the rise of intimacy coordination, Jessica Steinrock, an intimacy coordinator and CEO of Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, considered it necessary for more specialized development and design of modesty garments. 

Steinrock further expounded that modesty garments come in two kinds. The first one looks like a coin purse,while the second version looks like a strapless thong with an adhesive attached in the front and back for additional protection. What Cena wore during the Oscars was the second one.

Photo from USA Today’s FTW

According to Steinrock, modesty garments are often pricey because only a few companies design garments to cater to the actor’s comfort. Also, its exclusivity requires such companies to ensure that their garments are tailored-fit for the specific actor’s skin tone.

Steinrock also shared a history on the usage of modesty garments for actors’ protections, such as during its early days when companies used fishing wires instead of visible straps alongside adding shoe insoles or part of a plushy costume inside the actor’s underwear.

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