The Battle Of Editing Tools: Is Canva Better Than Photoshop?

We asked a few Sugboanons and here’s what they said…

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Photo editing has been around since the time cameras existed and the goal of being the best photo editing tool to use is always up for grabs every single year as new software applications emerge in the industry.

In today’s generation, however, companies are looking into designers who are skilled beyond what they can do using traditional editing tools, such as Photoshop (PS). This is the reason why courses involving the use of Canva and other software apps are being included in some curriculums and workshops; to add a skill set to an individual. But, because of this, debate between which is better rose surrounding the question: Is Canva a better editing tool that the long-time champion in editing, Adobe Photoshop? Well, we talked to a few editing tool users and designers, and here are some of their answers:


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Lou, 25 years old, a part-time Graphics Designer and Virtual Assistant (V.A), shared how she thinks that Canva and Photoshop can be beneficial for artists. “I know Canva is useful, but still not a full-on alternative to Photoshop,” she expressed. Further, Lou explained that some of her V.A clients prefer to have a design on Canva instead of PS, and so she obeys their requests.

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While, according to her, she prefers to use Photoshop because of the unlimited options she can do to her designs but still, she keeps Canva at her fingertips due to her client’s preference and because of its convenience.


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On the other hand, Heaven, a 40 year-old Workshop Facilitator and Dance Instructor answered with full-on confidence that Canva is the better choice. “Photoshop takes time! As someone who’s always on-the-go, Canva is the best option and also convenient!,” said Heaven. She shared to us how useful Canva is for her, especially since she wasn’t formally trained in the field of designing. According to Heaven, she no longer needed to hire another set of hands to design for her since Canva has all the tricks she needs.


Screengrab from Adobe Photoshop

A true creative and a Senior QA Automation Engineer, Grant, aged 30 years old, shared to us how he considers Canva as more of an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) tool rather than something that can be used to create art from scratch. “I guess it’s like A.I vs Art. A.I (Canva) makes it convenient and accessible, but Art (Photoshop) is where the real magic happens,” said Grant. He also emphasized how many originally created artworks were essentially stolen when A.I drafts suggestions to its users.

So, Sugboanons, are you a user of Canva or do you prefer to utilize Photoshop? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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