High Plane Ticket Fares in March

For those who plan to travel this year, buy your plane tickets now! 

Just like the sky, airfare will be high. 

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In an advisory, the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) increased the fuel surcharge to Level 6 for March from Level 5. 

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This is the first time CAB has increased their fare to level 6 this year just after decreasing it twice.

Fuel surcharges are additional fees charged by airlines to recover their fuel costs which are added to the plane’s base fare, the passengers’ payment for their seats on the flight.

Raising the fuel surcharge means that starting this March, domestic flight passengers will have to pay P185 to P665 on top of their base fare. Meanwhile, international flight passengers will have to pay an additional P610.37 to P4,538.40. 

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In Level 5, passengers only need to pay P151 to P542 for domestic flights and P498.03 to P3,703.11 for international routes which is relatively cheaper.

Because of this increase, the airfare for both domestic and international flights is expected to increase next month.


Starting next month, flights from the following will have a P292 fuel surcharge:

  • Manila to Caticlan
  • Manila to Legaspi
  • Manila to Kalibo

Meanwhile, a P388 fuel surcharge will be added to the following flights:

  • Manila to going to Iloilo
  • Manila to Bacolod
  • Manila to Tacloban 
  • Manila to Puerto Princesa

A P513 surcharge will be added from the passenger’s base fair for the following flights: 

  • Manila to Dumaguete
  • Manila to Tagbilaran
  • Manila to Surigao
  • Manila to Siargao 

A P598 surcharge will be added for passengers in certain parts of Mindanao: 

  • Manila to Zamboanga
  • Manila to Cotabato 
  • Manila to Davao

An amount of P665 will be added for passengers for the following flights: 

  • Manila-General Santos 
  • Clark-Davao flights


The lowest fuel surcharge for international flights for next month will be P610.37 for: 

  • Philippines to Taiwan
  • Philippines to Hong Kong
  • Philippines to Vietnam

A P844.16 will be collected from Philippine passengers going to certain destinations:

  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia

A P949.5 additional surcharge will be added for passengers from the Philippines going to:

  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • South Korea

 A P2,100.23 fuel surcharge will be collected for passengers heading to:

  • Australia
  • Middle East

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