Graduation Day Done: Now, What to Do?

Congrats! You just graduated; now what? Ready naba mo mu-line para mukuha ug mga valid ID?

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First thing’s first is to congratulate yourself because you did a good job surviving college. After years of hard work, you finally get to wear your toga and celebrate with friends and family. But once the celebration is over, you will start having anxieties about what to do next such as knowing who “Due Dit” is or perhaps meeting your new best friend, “Taxes.”

Find A Job

Most people expect you to find a job right after you graduate. If you managed to secure a job before graduation, then that’s good. But if not, don’t worry; just follow these tips below:

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  • Create a LinkedIn Profile – LinkedIn is similar to Facebook but it’s for jobs. Many companies look for new hires on this platform, so make sure your profile includes your education, achievements and awards you’ve won and your previous job or internship experiences.
  • Prepare a Resume, CV & Portfolio– Your resume is a summary of your skills and experiences. You can download a simple resume template online or create your own. If you’re applying for creative jobs, like in the fields of design or media, put together a portfolio showcasing your best work. Some companies prefer online portfolios for convenience, so get ready to have one before you start to submit your resumes.

Ready For Your Adulting Era

As a new graduate, you’ll need some important documents and VALID IDs.

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  • National ID: This is a basic ID that everyone in the country should have.
  • NBI Clearance: This is a background check to make sure you don’t have a criminal record.
  • PhilHealth: The ID you need for Health insurance
  • UMID Card: This card is useful for many government services
  • Open Bank Account: You’ll need a bank account to manage your money once your earning.

Gain Experiences

Sometimes finding a job right away is hard, so for starters you can do the following:

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  • Do internships – Internships give you experience and can sometimes lead to a full time job. List companies within your area, or better yet, go beyond and explore outside your city limits to have more work opportunities and experiences.
  • Volunteer– Volunteering for nonprofit organizations can also give you valuable experience and help you build your resume. It shows that you have the passion and heart for a specific cause.

Go to School Again

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If you’re not ready to start working, you can consider taking in masteral programs to continue your studies and get a higher degree. Some professions require this sort of advancement such as those in law schools and in the medical field.

Take a Break First

After years of studying, it’s okay to take a break! You can rest and recharge while picking a new hobby to improve yourself. Better yet, focus on your mental and physical health to be more productive and happier in the long run.

Photo contributed by Nataniel Q. Manalon

You know life is short, what you do after graduation is up to you; whether you want to get a job immediately, continue studying or take some time off. Just make sure it aligns with your personal goals and well being.

Make sure you enjoy the new chapter of your life. Again, CONGRATULATIONS, Sugboanons!

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