Goin Bulilit Stars: Where Are They Now?

Hint: They’re no longer bulilits!

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Goin Bulilit was one of the top sketch comedy television series in the early 2000’s, broadcasted by ABS-CBN. It featured child stars who are newly introduced into the industry of film and television, and it was also the beginning of some of the notable stars in today’s generation.

The first episode of Goin Bulilit aired on February 6, 2005 and it had eight seasons due to it being a hit in Filipino households. Its last episode aired on August 4, 2019 which marked the end of the Goin Bulilit era as its producer, Edgar Montiz, decided to close the curtains for the show.

Five years after its last episode, it begs the question: Where are the bulilits now?

Let’s check out what happened to the stars who graduated from the Philippines’ most adorable gag show:

Alfred Labatos

Remember the kid who usually plays the kuya or father roles in the Goin Bulilit skit? That’d be Alfred! He also starred in Wansapanataym, May Bukas Pa, and Luv U. After starting his journey to fame in the kiddie gag show, he jumped to voiceover acting and became the voices of different Japanese anime and Korean characters in their Filipino adaptations such as Song Woo Bin in “Boys Over Flowers” and Ryu Yamada in “Yamada-Kun & The Seven Witches.”

Carl John Barrameda

After Goin Bulilit, CJ played roles in Maalaala Mo Kaya, Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko, and even in Doble Kara. But, he has since paused his acting career and shifted towards directing. He directed the television series “Road to Starkada” and the music video “Alexis: Happy Together.”

Cha Cha Cañete

Known for being the child model in Camella Homes’ commercial, Cha Cha became famous for her adorable demeanor and has been associated with the song “Bulilit, Sanay Sa Masikip.” She’s 19 years old now and has since graduated from senior high school at the University of Santo Tomas. Outside her TV and film career, Cha Cha pursued voice-acting as she voiced Becky Blackbell in “Spy x Family Code: White” in TV5. She also released a song during the pandemic titled, “Agwat,” which focused on the challenges a couple may encounter and feel when social distancing and lockdowns were still observed.

Kiray Celis

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She was one of the third batch of Goin Bulilit members and soon became one of the funniest comedians in Philippine television. Kiray was under the management of ABS-CBN for 19 years and then transferred to GMA’s Sparkle last 2018 wherein she starred in a rom-com series titled, Love You Two, with Jennilyn Mercado and Gabby Concepcion.

Kristel Fulgar

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Now a singer and actor in one, Kristel Fulgar, had been in several television shows and had released a few hits in the music industry. She is also known for her emotionally challenging roles in films such as in the Shake, Rattle, and Roll franchise and in Doble Kara.

Julia Montes

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One of the members of Goin Bulilits’ fourth batch, Julia gained popularity after her successful role in Mara Clara, a soap opera where she played the antagonist to Kathryn Bernardo’s role. She also starred in Way Back Home alongside Kath, and soon captured the heart of Philippine-action star, Coco Martin which led to them starting a relationship in 2011. Now, the couple has two kids together and an upcoming third child as Julia confirmed her pregnancy just five months ago.

Kathryn Bernardo

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Kath is perhaps one of the most successful in the film and television industry who came from the fifth batch of Goin Bulilit kids. Her bubbly and kind personality became a hit as she starred in shows where she plays the princessy-leading lady and protagonist. Being linked to a loveteam with co-actor Daniel Padilla was also one of the reasons for Kath’s rise to fame, especially since us Filipinos love our rom-coms. However, after 11 years with the actor, Kath broke her silence and announced the end of their relationship. Nevertheless, she is now considered as one of the most empowered women in the industry and is working on a current sequel for the movie Hello Love, Goodbye with rumored suitor, Alden Richards.

Nash & Mika

Both from the seventh batch of Goin’ Bulilit, Nash and Mika have just recently tied the knot! The two have been inseparable since their graduation from the show and have been living private lives with their families. When they posted photos of their wedding ceremony, they broke Philippine social media, prompting an outpouring of congratulations from netizens. The posts also sparked a wave of playful comments about how if the Goin’ Bulilit kids are getting married, then those who grew up watching them must be ready for marriage too.

Sharlene & Miles

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Although from different batches of the show, Sharlene and Miles had become close as sisters and they even got nominated in one of the most prestigious awards given by Push for the “#FriendshipGoals of the Year” due to their budding friendship in 2018 and 2019. While Sharlene continuously pursues her hosting career, Miles is constantly hitting films and television shows for her love of acting. The two had won several awards and are some of the growing stars in the industry.


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Goin Bulilit will not be complete without Dagul! He was the original cast member and he also serves as the guardian of the kids on-set. Now at 65 years old, Dagul continues to uphold being the guardian as he heads the command center of his Barangay and also operates a sari-sari or convenience store.

Goin Bulilit Stars Who Quit Showbiz

Aside from those who succeeded after Goin Bulilit, there were also few of them who decided to quit the showbiz life such as Steven Fermo, Noemi Oineza, Aaron Junatas, Angel Sy, Kobi Vidanes, Barbie Sabino, and many more. Their reasons range from pursuing their educational careers to building their own businesses.

Photo from ABS-CBN

So, Sugboanons, amongst the stars of Goin Bulilit, who was your favorite during your childhood? Share to us in the comments below!

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