From Sea to Plate: MUVANZ Pocherohan & Seafoods Delivers Fresh Flavors!

Craving the tender meat and tasty soup of pochero? Then head to Muvanz Pocherohan where a hearty meal awaits you!

Located in two branches in Cebu City, Muvanz Pocherohan has been one of the go-to places of Sugboanons especially when it comes to enjoying the comforting pochero. Aside from that, they are also famed for their seafood menu which promises fresh ingredients everyday.

From the Heart Of Bantayan to the Queen City Of the South

Muvanz Pocherohan had humble beginnings where it all started with one family dinner.

It all began on the sunny shores of Bantayan Island, where the Villacastin family delighted their guests and relatives with a steaming pot of pochero. Little did they know, their humble recipe was seasoned with not just love, but also 24 top-secret ingredients, whispered from generation to generation. With each savory spoonful, their relatives and locals alike were swept away on a flavor-filled journey they’d never forget. After receiving resounding praise and encouragement, the Villacastins decided to share their culinary magic into the world, starting off in Cebu! And so, after just three months of planning and preparation, Muvanz Pocherohan & Seafoods emerged, boasting a menu with seven tasty exotic dishes to set taste buds alight and hearts aflutter. And the rest, as they say, is history in the making!

The Muvanz Bestsellers

Muvanz Pocherohan has captured the hearts of Cebuanos with their irresistible offerings, including their bestselling pochero, tasty scallops, and crispy calamares, all bursting with flavor. Dining at Muvanz is a delightful experience because of their homey and comfortable ambiance, whether you’re gathering with friends or enjoying a meal with family. Plus, with convenient food delivery options available, you can indulge in Muvanz’s delectable dishes right in the comfort of your own home.

We Dined At Muvanz & Here’s What We Think

Walking into Muvanz was like stepping into a foodie paradise. The spacious dining area was perfect for gathering with friends and family, setting the stage for an unforgettable meal. Greeted warmly by the Muvanz crew, we were instantly drawn to the menu showcased at the counter. With each bite, it became clear why their bestsellers held such esteemed status. The scallops, in particular, stole the show with their creamy texture and divine flavor that made us want more of it. And the best part? The prices were unbelievably budget-friendly, making every mouthful a savory steal. From their tempting Solo Meals starting at just Php 99.00 to their generous Quad Meals, complete with unlimited rice and a pitcher of Iced Tea, priced at Php 1,086.00 for four hungry diners, Muvanz truly delivered on the promise of “sulit sa bulsa” – providing delicious meals without breaking the bank.





Main Branch: Century Plaza Commercial Complex, Juana Osmeña St., Cebu City

  • By Commute: From Colon St., take the jeepney route number 17D or 17C and tell the driver that you’ll be dropping off at the National Bookstore Mango Branch. Once you’re there, you can walk your way to Muvanz via Juana Osmena St where you’ll pass by Music Lab and Pills & More Pharmacy. Upon arrival at the area where Boss Manok is, turn left and there you’ll find Muvanz Pocherohan & Seafoods.
  • By Car: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps and pin “Muvanz Pocherohan & Seafoods Mango” as your destination.

Lahug Branch: Tambayan ni Filemon (Beside USP), Salinas Drive, Cebu City

  • By Commute: From Colon St., you can still take the 17C jeepney route number as it goes through Lahug where Muvanz is located. You can drop off at La Guardia Flats 2 By Sagami then make your way to Muvanz since it is just nearby.
  • By Car: Navigate via Waze or Google Maps & pin “Muvanz Pocherohan & Seafoods Lahug” as your destination.

So, whether you want to binge on seafood dishes or are longing to take a sip of a heartwarming pochero, Muvanz Pocherohan & Seafoods got your back! Head to their nearest branch now!

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