Get Free Use of Motorcycle at Fred’s Place in Santa Fe, Bantayan

As Fred’s Place describes itself, it is where every moment feels like home, yet better. A lot of people’s idea of spending their time when there’s a long weekend is going to the beach. Where better to go than Bantayan?

Photo from Fred’s Place – Santa Fe Official Facebook Page

Of course, when planning a trip, expenses are always the most important. Lucky for you, Fred’s Place offers very affordable prices with tons of inclusions.


Fred’s Place offers a comfortable place to stay for you to rest and stop by from time to time as you explore what Bantayan boasts. With simple beds, clean sheets, and an airconditioned room, you’re guaranteed to have a homely stay that’s not too hard on the pockets.

Photo from Fred’s Place – Santa Fe Official Facebook Page

The rooms available are spacious and clean, with amenities that will leave you little to no space for worry.

The inclusions are the following:

  • Fully Air-conditioned rooms
  • With bathroom & toilet
  • Beach Access
  • Free Parking
  • Free Wi-fi access

Advantage in Proximity

Aside from their comfortable and affordable accommodations, Fred’s Place is also one of the best places to stay in when you’re in Bantayan. The beach is only 10 meters away from the hostel, so you don’t really have to travel that far to have a swim if you’re out of things to do for your itinerary. Furthermore, it is close to establishments nearby.

Photo from Fred’s Place – Santa Fe Official Facebook Page
Photo from Fred’s Place – Santa Fe Official Facebook Page

Right beside it is also a restaurant known for their pizza. If you’re not feeling like taking another trip after a long day, a short walk can already give you a full stomach!

Free Motorcycle Use

When you’re touring or having a vacation somewhere you don’t call home, the most convenient thing to do to save money is to rent a motorcycle. Taking a tricycle would be too pricey due to the amount of trips you’ll have to take to transfer from one place to another.

With that being said, you’d still have to search for establishments renting motorcycles, and bargaining with them for a considerable price. All of that would be non-existent at Fred’s Place.

With a booking for 2 nights and 3 days, you get free use of their motorcycle, alleviating you of the time, energy, and money to be spent if you had to rent. It really can’t be better than this!

Photo from Fred’s Place – Santa Fe Official Facebook Page

For your trip to Bantayan, make sure to check out Fred’s Place!



  • For 2 nights and 3 days: ₱2,828 per head
  • For 1 night: ₱1,100 (price may vary depending on where you book as service fees may be charged in addition)



Exact location: Villaceran St, Santa Fe, Cebu, Philippines, Bantayan, Philippines



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