Ford Bronco Will Soon Cruise the Streets of the Philippines

Heads up, Pinoys! Soon, a new set of Hot Wheels will be rolling into town.

Ford Philippines announced that they will officially launch the famous off-road SUV here. The first model is set to be ready in a year.

Photo from Le Guide de l’auto

But why is the Ford Bronco so special? The Ford Bronco became part of pop culture after former NFL star O.J. Simpson drove a white Ford Bronco during the first police chase televised in the US in 1994. 

Photo from Andscape

Moreover, the Ford Bronco was launched in 1965 but discontinued in 1996. After 24 years, it was reintroduced in 2021 with the launch of the sixth-generation Bronco in America. 

Photo from Ford LED Shop

Ford Philippines stated that they will soon be opening reservations for the Bronco, which can only be accessed through Ford’s online reservation portal. At the moment, the details for the off-road SUV have not been released yet.

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