Women’s Month: Female KPop Comebacks You Shouldn’t Miss

Who runs the world? Girls!

This Women’s Month is a good time for solo artists in Kpop!

  1. Chung Ha 

Chung Ha broke her nearly two-year hiatus with the new single ‘EENIE MEENIE,’ which was released on March 11. With the goal of flipping a new chapter in her growth as an artist after her long hiatus, Chung Ha shared with her fans that her song explains her readiness to get to the new stage of her artistry and that each part of the lyrics shows her current state of mind.

Photo from Rolling Stone

Due to the ever-changing world of music and trends, Chung Ha admitted feeling lost and confused about what she would become. Experimenting with an entirely new sound, Chung Ha reached out to ATEEZ leader, Hongjoong, to man the ship as she tries to navigate the new waters in her career. With Hongjoong’s help, Chung Ha found her eagerness to test new limits and saw herself as a more mature version of herself.

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  1. Wendy

Red Velvet’s Wendy released her latest solo, “Wish You Hell,” which is her first album after almost three years of launching the mini-album, ‘Like Water,’ last April 2021. It will feature six tracks along with the title track.

Photo from The Bias List

Fans were both excited and skeptical about the release, especially after the music video teaser trailer was unveiled on March 11. Rocking an all-black ensemble, Wendy can be seen walking in a church, followed by a shot of her staring down at a coffin with a doppelganger of her but in an all-white outfit inside.

Photo from Genius

Some fans dubbed the artist “Wendy Lavigne,” a nod to the grungy pop-rock vibes of Avril Lavigne. Others interpreted the video as a mockery of the holy Catholic church or temple. Nevertheless, ReVeLuvs continually show their full support to Wendy despite skepticism.

  1. YooA

Oh My Girl’s YooA will release her new single, “Borderline,” on March 14 at 6 PM. This will be her first-ever solo album after “Selfish” two years ago.

Photo from @MiracleDoe on X

One of the challenges that YooA encountered was her name. She stated that she wanted to keep her full name as her stage name, “Yoo Si-a.” However, the Korean music industry required more than just a name, but also an identity, which would later mark the beginning of a battle between YooA and her agency.

Photo from allkpop

Another challenge was YooA’s intent on pursuing a career beyond making music, such as acting. But, similar to her request to hold on to her name, her agency said no. This decision, however, did not prevent YooA from dreaming big and becoming a multitalented artist as she embarks on a new journey of self-discovery in the world of music and film.

  1. Kim Nam Joo

Apink’s Kim Nam Joo will release her second solo single, ‘BAD,’ on March 18 at 6 PM. Because of her photos and videos exuding her bold attitude and confident aura, her single received heightened expectations.

Photo from Apink on Youtube
Photo from allkpop

Female soloist artists are significant to the growth of the Korean music industry, especially when pursuing their careers amidst critiques and bashers alike. With more and more female artists deciding to return to the music scene after years of cutting across rough waters and even rougher agencies, it will not take long for the rise of the era of the pinnacle of music led by strong, independent, and powerful women.

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