PH’s Elisia Parmisano is Set to Debut as a K-pop Idol

Filipinos have been dominating the K-pop competition scenes in South Korea, and Elisia Parmisano is one of them.

Photo from Universe Ticket Official Facebook Page

Elisia Parmisano has earned her spot and is the first Universe Ticket contestant set to debut in a girl group. Moreover, a video uploaded by SBS showed how the Filipina got a “P” ranking, which secures a contestant’s spot in the debut lineup. 

Photo from UNIVERSE TICKET PH on Facebook
Photo from UNIVERSE TICKET PH on Facebook

Universe Ticket is a South Korean reality show that showcases girls of different backgrounds as they battle with wits, talent, and charisma to secure a spot to debut as an official K-pop idol.

Photo from Universe Ticket Official Facebook Page

Another Filipino contestant, Gehlee Dangca, is one step closer to clinching a “P” ranking. 

Photo from Gehlee Dangca KPOP Universe Ticket Fans Club Facebook Group

Different Filipino celebrities took to social media and congratulated Elisia on her achievement. Two of the top PH celebrities, Regine Alcasid and Marian Rivera, showed how proud they were. 

“This little girl is all grown up and making a name for herself in the K-pop world. Congratulations Elisia we are very proud of you,” Regine wrote. Moreover, Marian Rivera posted an Instagram story and congratulated Elisia through a short video, “Ipagpatuloy mo yang pangarap na yan at alam kong marami ka pang magagawa at mararating.”


Congratulations, Elisia!

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