Practical Things to do Starting Today to Save Mother Earth

It’s Earth Day and the heat index in Cebu City is going crazy! If this is not the time to change our polluted ways, then when?

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Every year, Earth Hour and Earth Day are both celebrated on different dates. The reason for the difference is because of its organizers. Earth Hour essentially started as a worldwide movement organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature to encourage communities to turn off non-essential light sources from 8:30PM to 9:30PM. While Earth Day is held every April 22 as mandated by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson to support environmental protection. Why the exact date? Well, it was initially because Sen. Nelson wanted to make sure that the event would not fall on other events such as student examination days or spring breaks; as simple as that!

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Regardless of the organizing committee or the reason why the events were established in the first place, it is important to note that both are aimed to protect Mother Earth. So, as a responsible laagan, let’s check out the things that we should start doing today, if you haven’t yet, to save nature:

Bring Reusable Stuff

Reusable water bottles, stainless steel utensils, and even shopping bags are things that you can bring along everytime you go out. If this is something that’s new to you, then you can start small by bringing reusable straws, perhaps. Instead of taking a plastic straw for every coffee purchase, you can use your own! And the best part is, reusable straws now come in different designs so you can match it with you OOTD!

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Shop Wisely

We live in a world of fast fashion where with just a simple click of a button, the latest outfit gets delivered to your doorstep within mere days! So, how about instead of adding to your shopping cart the newest product on the market, you opt to look for something similar in thrift stores? Or maybe be more open to accept hand-me-downs and just jazz it up with the help of a seamstress to make it slay on you?

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With a creative mind, you can be the next designer ready to do a catwalk wearing your latest creation! Also, while you’re at it, bring that reusable shopping bag, too!

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Use Solar Energy

Yes, solar panels are expensive and in this day and age, our middle-class salary won’t even let us pay for one panel! So, again, start small and invest in little solar-charging lamps! After the pandemic and typhoon hit, tons of solar lamps have been in stock and they’re at budget-friendly prices too.

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Turn Off When Not In Use

This should be a no-brainer, but in case you’ve forgotten: TURN IT OFF! Of course, unless you’re using it. Aside from lowering your electricity bills, it will also save you from potential fire accidents, especially since our tropical country has been cooking too much heat recently.

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Volunteer & Educate

Last but not least, reach out to local government agencies and non-profit organizations to lend a helping hand for their activities. Most organizations hold mangrove and tree planting events during summer, as well as clean-up drives by the beaches and seas of Cebu. You can start by inquiring at your Barangay Hall or maybe going to the DENR website, local community Facebook pages, and even the nearest school or colleges near you!

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Changing a habit, such as saying no to single-use plastics and water bottles, can be challenging especially when it comes to convenience. However, it is vital that we not only get to live now but also allow our future generations to have a better and cleaner surrounding.

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So, take that one small step and take another one until you get to see the change around you. Maybe soon we’ll witness less trash in our rivers and clearer skies up ahead.

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