iPhone Users Can Type Using Keypads Again with Clicks Keyboard

As the tech industry continues to innovate devices in so many ways imaginable, nothing just beats nostalgia. Clicks Keyboard by Clicks Technology taps into this demand through a smartphone case that resembles a physical keyboard akin to that of Blackberry. Welcome to the full circle of the tactile joy of pressing physical keys.

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The Tangible Feel of Typing

For more than a decade now, onscreen keyboards have been the norm. However, with the rise of the y2k aesthetic, not only was the fashion industry the only market affected, but the tech industry as well. Clicks Keyboard happily joins in the trend with their product, seamlessly integrating a physical keyboard to an actual smartphone case. Currently, their case is compatible with the iPhone 14 Pro via lightning port, and iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max via USB-C.

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Moreover, a separate charging device isn’t needed for the keyboard as it only draws power from your smartphone. You can charge your device without removing the case, making it less hassle.

Length and Light

Because the case only has a slot that perfectly fits your device, the keyboard then becomes an extension after the very bottom of your smartphone. This makes it much longer which is the trade-off for reliving the early to late 2000s while enjoying the multifaceted and updated technology in the 2020s.

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Just like the old Blackberry phones and even the Nokia ones, this case comes with backlit keys. Once your device is on, all the keys are illuminated, making it a breeze to type in dark spaces.

This refreshing alternative for smartphone users came in the right time when people cannot seem to let go of 2000s culture. Perhaps people will always find themselves back to where things started, because everything – and I mean everything in terms of fashion, technology, and lifestyle – seems to just go in circles. Trends may blur and disappear for some time, but perhaps it’s safe to say they truly never go out of style.

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Get yours here! https://www.clicks.tech/product/clicks-for-iphone

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