You’re Not Real If You Haven’t Read These Classic Wattpad Stories

Do you know these famous lines?

“Mahirap din ang magmahal ng patago, patago din masaktan.”

“At least may isang taong tingin sa akin ay kamahal-mahal ako.”

“The woods and the greenish brown leaves on the ground. The rays of the sun. The splash of the water. The barn house and the girl running away from me with her long curly hair dancing harshly.”

“Wag kang maarte, hindi ka maganda!”

“You made me trust people again, you made me believe in love.”

These lines, drawn from beloved Filipino Wattpad stories, capture the essence of love, heartache, and personal growth. So, let’s get into these tales and discover why they’ve become vital to the Filipino literary landscape.

The Four Bad Boys and Me

The Four Bad Boys and Me, written by Tina Lata under the pseudonym Blue Maiden, has become a celebrated piece within the Wattpad community. This young adult romance novel captivates readers with its engaging storyline and relatable characters, leading to significant popularity.

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The novel centers on Candice Candy Gonzales, an academically focused high school student who unexpectedly finds herself involved with four notorious bad boys, Jeydon Lopez, Troy Mendoza, Marko Sayco, and Charles Kyle. Candly’s life, previously predictable and structured, takes a dramatic turn as she navigates  her interaction with these boys, each with their distinct personalities.

The Four Bad Boys and Me garnered massive popularity on Wattpad, with millions of reads and a dedicated fanbase. Readers praise the book for its entertaining plot and well-developed characters, which make it stand out in contemporary young adult romance.

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The new adaptation of “The Four Bad Boys and Me” is coming soon, starring Harvey Bautista, Krystal Brimner, Anji Salvacion, AC Bonifacio, Analain Salvador, Gela Alonte, Gelo Rivera, Brent Manalo, River Joseph, and Dustine Mayores. This series will bring the famous Wattpad story to life with a fun and exciting twist. Fans can expect a great storyline full of romance, drama, and lively interactions between the characters. “The Four Bad Boys and Me” is set to entertain and captivate new and long-time fans.

Sands of Time

Sands of Time by Jonaxx is a touching romance story set on the coast of Costa Leona. The novel explores classic differences, family grudges, young love, and how people can change each other’s lives.

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The main characters, Soleil Sierra “Liel” Cervantes and Raoul Vesarius “Raj” Riego bring these themes to life in a moving and insightful story. Liel is a sweet and obedient girl known as the Lady of the Light in Costa Leona. Despite her kindness, mature people in her town think she and her family are involved in witchcraft. This is because her father, Balthazar, makes her pretend to be a messenger of God to make money, fooling the town’s sick and desperate people. Raoul Raj Riego “Raj”  is a serious and responsible young man from a wealthy family. Though he was born in Costa Leona, he grew up in Manila and attended a prestigious school. Raj is kind and admired by many, but he feels strongly attracted to Leil despite their age difference and his fear of the town’s judgment.

Sands of Time is a powerful story about overcoming societal expectations and personal fears to find love and redemption. Jonaxx’s writing captures the intense emotions and challenges faced by young lovers from different backgrounds.

Diary ng Panget

Diary ng Panget by Danny R, also known as HaveYouSeenThisGIrl. The story focuses on the funny and sarcastic world of Eya Rodriguez, a young girl who calls herself “Panget.”

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Eya’s life is far from average as she deals with her looks and quirky personality. Despite her insecurities, Eya gets through her days with humor and strength. Everything changes when she becomes the personal maid of Cross Sandford, a handsome but rude student at her school. As Eya and Cross spend more time together, their constant arguing slowly becomes an unexpected romance. Along the way, Eya’s funny adventure and unique view on life make this story heartwarming and entertaining.

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The novel was one of the first few Wattpad stories that got the film treatment. It starred Nadine Lustre and James Reid as the main characters, Eya and Cross. The movie grossed Php 120 Million during its theaterical run by Viva Films.

Talk Back, and You’re Dead 

Talk Back, and You’re Dead by Alesana Marie’s story centers on Samatha Perez. Her life turns wild when she meets Top, a charming gang leader known for his harsh and strong personality. Top is someone you don’t mess with. Samantha also meets Red, who is lovely and mysterious, adding more confusion to her life as she gets to know their world.

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This story explores love, loyalty, and danger as Samantha tries to handle her feelings and safety. Talkback, and you’re Dead! It shows how love can happen in the most unexpected places, even in the middle of chaos and danger.

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She’s Dating the Gangster

She’s Dating the Gangster by Biancea Bernandino tells the story of Athena Dizon, a seventeen-year-old high school student who pretends to be the girlfriend of Kenji de los Reyes, a well-known bad boy with a troubled past. Athena agrees to this fake relationship to help Kenji make his ex-girlfriend jealous. However, as Athena and Kenji spend more time together, their pretend relationship becomes real. Athena sees the honest Kenji hidden behind his tough exterior.

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The story, with its humor, drama, and heartfelt moments, takes readers through the ups and downs of teenage love, family problems, and personal growth. She’s Dating the Gangster captures the complicated nature of young love and how it can unexpectedly change lives.

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These Wattpad stories have significantly impacted readers with their unique tales of young love and personal growth. From the fun and adventurous “The Four Bad Boys and Me” to the emotional “Sands of Time,” the funny “Diary ng Panget,” the exciting “Talk Back and You’re Dead,” and the heartfelt “She’s Dating the Gangster,” each story offers something unique.

Their popularity shows how powerful and relatable these stories are. Some are even being turned into shows, bringing these beloved characters to life.

If you have yet to read these, you’re missing out on some of the best stories on Wattpad. They entertain and connect deeply with readers, showing the highs and lows of young love and life.

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