Nat’l Smile Month: Celebrities With The Best Smiles

These celebrities have one of the best smiles in the Philippines and the world!

Photo from Anne Hathaway’s Official Instagram Account

A famous quote by Connie Stevens said, “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” True enough, when you smile, it makes everything look better as it adds a sense of positivity to your appearance. So, let’s check out the celebrities with the best smiles, in no particular order:

Sam Pinto

Actress and model, Sam Pinto, is considered as one of the most beautiful women in the Philippines because of her calm face, beauty queen looks, and gorgeous smile.

Photo from Sam Pinto’s Official Instagram Account

Alden Richards

The combination of a beautiful smile and a pair of dimples makes Alden look pleasing to the eyes. He has been in the industry since 2010, however, his fame shot to the top when he was paired with Maine Mendoza in Eat Bulaga.

Photo from Alden Richard’s Official Instagram Account

The Barreto Clan

From Claudine to Julia, the Barreto Clan has been blessed genetically with having the best smiles. They have the lip shape and set of teeth which are great for commercials, TV, and movies. All in the genes, indeed!

Photo from Julia Barretto’s Official Instagram Account

George Clooney

At age 63, George Clooney is still considered a heartthrob especially due to his unfading smile paired with the glinting eyes of a Hollywood star. He rose to fame in 1984 when he was casted his first major role in a CBS sitcom entitled, “E/R.”

Photo from Britannica

Bea Alonzo

The 1521 actress has had the natural smile ever since her debut in television and film. Because of her notable and dramatic roles, she’s named as one of the highest grossing Filipino box office actresses of all time as her films grossed over Php 3 Billion!

Photo from Bea Alonzo’s Official Instagram Account

Anne Hathaway

Anne is an award winning actress and a triple threat as she continues to take over film, television, and Broadway! Her face has a classical beauty paired with a beautiful gleam in her eyes and smile which is why even if she’s casted in roles where directors will intentionally alter her appearance, she’ll still end up looking gorgeous.

Photo from Anne Hathaway’s Official Instagram Account

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is the younger version of George Clooney as they both have great style, hair, and an even greater smile! Cooper has been brandishing his smile since 2001 in his debut role in “Wet Hot American Summer.”

Photo from Britannica

Cameron Diaz

Her bubbly personality as a blonde “sex symbol” adds to the beauty of Cameron, especially when she gives out a huge grin. She is famed for her role in The Mask and Charlie’s Angels.

Photo from Cameron Diaz Official Instagram Account

Know of any other celebrities that you think could make the list? Then hit the comment section below, Sugboanons!

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