Cebu TOPS: A Guide and Everything You Need To Know

Guess what? You can finally see Cebu’s glory right at the TOPS! 

The long-awaited comeback of TOPS has finally arrived and you surely don’t want to miss it!  

Known for its panoramic views and glistening city lights which makes you fall in love with Cebu City more. Tops started its operations in 1985 and since then, it has become one of the best spots for unwinding and hangout. 

Photo from Proud Bisaya Bai

Until it wasn’t.

It can be remembered that on October 21, 2022, the well-loved attraction in Cebu City closed its doors to further enhance its beauty. Since then, we can only revisit Cebu Tops in photos. 

Photo from TOPS Official Facebook Page
Photo from TOPS Official Facebook Page

But finally, after 1 year and 3 months, they have reopened their doors for us! Exactly on February 14, TOPS launched their soft opening ensuring that tourists would have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day date!


Yes, you read that right. Unlike the old Tops which only operates from 10 AM to 2 AM daily, the new Tops goes operates 24 hours to accommodate night owl Sugbanons! 

This also means that for those who love to chase the sunrise, you finally have another place in mind to visit! 

Photo from TOPS Official Facebook Page


Another thing to look forward to at Tops is, of course, the scrumptious food! Because who doesn’t love food, right?

Photo from TOPS Official Facebook Page
Photo from TOPS Official Facebook Page

And guess what, they now have a better and wider range of food options that you can choose from! However, they just softly reopened, so not all restaurants are in operation yet. But for a soft opening, Tops sure prepared ample food choices you can pick from. 

  • Saree Sari Sari at TOPS – Price starts at P10

Saree Sari-Sari Store is the only Sari-Sari store at tops. And if you’re looking for more affordable options, Saree has your back! Just like any typical sari-sari store, Saree offers wide options such as drinks (alcoholic, soft drink, milk, coffee, water), desserts, Cebu delicacies, Crackers, Chips, healthcare, and more! 

For only P10 you can already have something to eat at Saree Sari Store!

  • Queens Pizza – New York-Style Pizza – Price starts at P99

If you have a bigger budget when you visit Tops then Queen Pizza is perfect for you!  

For only P99, you can already enjoy at least a slice of pizza! 

Queens Pizza offers various flavors of New York York-style pizzas that you can buy per slice or as a whole if you’re with the family or the barkada. If you are not a pizza monster, they also offer other options such as soup, pasta, and churros. They also have drinks you can pair with such as soft drinks, juice, iced tea, and water. 

They are open daily from 11 AM – 11 PM

  • Lolo Pinoy Grill Pop Up Stall – Price starts at P300

If you’re craving Cebu’s best and pride, Tops also has Lechon ready just for you! 

Lolo Pinoy is also one of the stores that opened during the Tops soft opening and for as low as P300, you can already satisfy your cravings! They serve per kilo so you can buy 1 or more kilos of Lechon, but you can also buy 1/2 kilo or 1/4 kilo. However,  the lechon still excludes the rice but worry not they have puso or hanging rice for P25 per piece.

  • Polar Treats Sorbetes – Price starts at P80

If you want a dessert after a heartful meal, Sorbetes Pop Up Stall is also ready to satisfy your sweet tooth craving. Sorbetes offers various Filipino ice cream flavors such as Durian, Mango, Avocado, Mango Cheese, Macapuno, Ube, and other common sorbetes flavors.  

They have two options you can choose from:

One scoop – P80

Two Scoops – P150

  • Quik-Snack Pop-Up Stall – Price starts at P40

If you miss Chinese Binondo food or you haven’t tasted any Binondo food, you don’t have to go to Manila because one of Binondo’s food is finally brought here at Tops, Quick-Snack! 

Although their menu at Tops is not as wide as the one in Binondo’s because it is only a stall, but is still exciting to taste something from Binondo! They offer the following: 

Diok Pit He (Relyenong Shrimp) – P200

Kuchay Ah Pie – P75

3 pcs Siomai – P95

Fresh Lumpia – P130

Machang – P160

Ngohiong – P40

Siopao – P75

Tsing Tao – P250

They also have drinks such as alcoholic, soft drinks, and water, and prices start at P40.  However, unlike the other restaurants that operated during the soft opening, Quick Snack is still expected to open soon.

  • Bo’s Coffee Pop-Up Stall

For those who only want to chill while drinking iced or hot brewed coffee, Bo’s Coffee Pop-Up Stall is ready to save your caffeine fix! From Brewed Coffee to Frappuccino Coffee, Espresso, and Tea Collection. Bo’s surely brought their coffee experience to greater heights! For as low as P125, you can already complete your day one coffee at a time.

Dove Street Pop-Up Stall, Mimoy’s Grill – Pagkalami!, and Tipsy Hut Pop-Up Stall are also already open since the Tops soft opening. And despite these plenties of options, some restaurants and food choices are yet to open and we could look forward to operating soon.


Celadon Thai Restaurant

Sweet Alchemy – Japanese Desserts

Hawker Chan 


Yappari Steak

Tips Hut 

WE-ST 103

Narra Table

Burger Bar 

Spud Rocket


Ten Izakaya 

Premium Shabu-Shabu

Sweet Alchemy, Dessert Cafe

Hostel Honeycomb

Funwars Pancake


For those who wish to bring their furbabies with them to Tops, the good news is that they are very most welcome! 

The management only advised that furbabies should wear diapers and furparents must clean up after them.


Unlike before, Tops is also now easily accessible with multiple modes of public transportation available. One of them is the bus provided by Tops for tourists. 

As of the moment, their bus route is IT Park Transport Terminal to Tops and vice versa. The first Trip leaves at 10 AM and the last bus leaves at 3 AM. 

For only P200 (entrance fee included), you already have a bus ride from IT Park to Tops and vice versa.

Photo from TOPS Official Facebook Page


Entrance Fee: P100

Operating hours: 24 Hours 


Corkage Fee: None

Contact Numbers: NA

Email Address: [email protected]

Facebook Page: TOPS Facebook Page 


Exact Location: Cebu Tops Road, Busay, Cebu City, Cebu — 20 minutes away from the main road (from JY Square).

By COMMUTE: If you want to go to Tops the traditional way, you can ride any jeepney going to Busay such as 04L or 04H and tell the driver to drop you off to JY Square. From there, ride a habal-habal (motorbike) and tell the driver to drop you off to Tops Lookout, approximate time of travel is about 30 – 40 mins. Fare is P100 per person (one-way).

But if you want to try the Tops Bus, ride any jeepney (traditional or modern) going to IT Park. Tell the driver to drop you near the IT Park Terminal. From there you can look for the lane designated for the Tops Bus where you’ll need to pay P200 (including Tops entrance fee). On the way home, the Tops Bus will also be fetching you going back to IT Park.


If you’re driving your own car, just navigate with Waze or Google Maps and pin your location to “Tops Lookout” or refer to the map below. Parking space is available.

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