Netizens Clash Over an Edited Bohol Church with Lavish Decor for Cathedral Wedding

Discourse sparked online over a recent social media post by a Catholic netizen. The photo in the limelight is one of St. Joseph The Worker Cathedral (Tagbilaran Cathedral in Bohol) adorned with grandeur.

Photo from Rosalinda Paredes on Facebook

The cathedral was decorated with pink roses and flowers, later revealed to be edited, which the uploader criticized as being disrespectful in a place intended for worship and devotion. This sparked discussions regarding what is considered an appropriate design for a wedding held in a religious institution. Contrasting opinions by netizens emerged regarding this issue, with some commenting that the setup made the church look theatrical or ballroom-like.

Post snippet from Facebook

The uploader expressed their dismay over the church’s appearance, saying it no longer resembled a place of worship but one of extravagance and mere fun. They called for a modest wedding, especially in a place that values tradition. The uploader also added that Jesus lived among the poor and has always preached humility.

Comment snippet from Facebook
Comment snippet from Facebook
Comment snippet from Facebook

The reactions are divided, with some agreeing to the uploader that it is indeed disrespectful. Another commenter added that it is insensitive to the poor who cannot afford to achieve such opulence. The internet is still yet to arrive at a consensus regarding where to draw the line between tradition and modernity and, generally, the placement of aesthetics in sacred spaces such as churches.

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