BINI Breaches 3M Monthly Listeners On Spotify, Surpassing SB19

BINI once again reached a milestone!

The eight-member group, known as the “Nation’s Girl Group” has become the rising P-Pop stars with the largest fan base on Spotify, surpassing SB19. 

BINI: Continuously Making Waves in the P-Pop Industry

As of April 19, BINI has amassed 3.0 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Their continuous success led them to top SB19, the leading P-pop group. In line with the milestones they have reached, BINI is set to do their first-ever solo concert, scheduled thi June 28-30, 2024, entitled BINIverse.

The renowned female P-pop is known for their cheerful and catchy melodies that everyone can dance  to. Their top song on Spotify is “Pantropiko”, which currently has 23 million listens. This is also currently a TikTok dance craze which became a worldwide trend especially after UNIS did a cover of the song. 

With their captivating music and dance moves, they surpassed the rising P-pop group SB19. This extraordinary achievement marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Filipino pop music, which also represents the shift in the dynamics of the Filipino pop industry. 

As the girl group continues to soar and make history, BINI is poised to leave extraordinary marks on the music industry by inspiring and captivating audiences through their music.

So, Sugboanons, comment below your favorite BINI songs!

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