AI BisayAH Man Diay! Meet Aiah Arceta – The Cebuana BINI

Our beloved ate of BINI is apparently a Bisaya! Meet BINI’s eldest member, Aiah Arceta!

Photo from BINI Aiah Official Instagram

Maraiah Queen Arceta, better known by her stage name Aiah, was born and raised in Lapu—Lapu City, Cebu, and is a proud Oponganon! She often reminisces about her childhood, where she would spend hours dancing in her backyard, dreaming of one day performing on a big stage.

The Bisaya Journey

Photo from BINI Aiah Official Instagram

Aiah was an active performer in Cebu during her early life. She and her dance group often performed in events like Buwan ng Wika; and she loves hip-hop.

Photo from BINI Aiah Official Instagram

Furthermore, Aiah’s talents extend beyond performing with her dance group. She’s also a frequent participant in local pageants and a sought-after model in Cebu. In 2018, she was hailed as Miss Silka Philippines and appeared on Silka television commercials. The same year, she auditioned for Star Hunt, which was held in Cebu, and was cast as a member of ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Big Brother, showcasing her versatility and adaptability.

The Road to Becoming an Idol

In October 2019, Aiah became a trainee at Star Hunt Academy. From there, she further developed and enhanced her dancing skills. Since then, she’s been performing under the ABS-CBN management and was even fortunate enough to perform for the Manila Southeast Asian Games 2019.

Photo from BINI Aiah Official Instagram

In 2020, she was chosen as a member of the 8-member girl group BINI under ABS-CBN Entertainment. Her unique style and infectious energy quickly made her a fan favorite. In June 2021, she and her fellow members officially debuted as BINI, and Aiah’s powerful stage presence and dynamic dance moves continue to captivate audiences.

Photo from BINI Aiah Official Instagram

Moreover, did you know that Aiah, besides being an idol, is also a 2nd-year college student? She’s currently studying Architecture in Design and Multimedia Arts, a testament to her dedication and commitment to her education. How amazing is that? We’re truly proud of her achievements!

Photo from BINI Aiah Official Instagram

— However, remember that Aiah’s success in BINI goes beyond being a proud Sugboanon. Her fiery passion, unmatched talent, and an energy that resonates beyond the stage of each performance set her apart from the rest. Aiah is not just an idol, she’s a force to be reckoned with, and we are here for it!

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