CHAPTER CLOSED? Boy Abunda Confirms Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque Break-Up

As doors close, another door opens. It so happens that the one that closed was Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque’s relationship.

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Bea and Dominic’s breakup was announced by the King of Talk, Boy Abunda, himself, in his “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” on Tuesday.

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Although he added that there is a high possibility that the couples are still trying to talk, reliable sources have confirmed that the two have broken up. 

“As we talk today, yes, hiwalay po si Dominic at tsaka si Bea,” Tito boy said.

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It can be remembered that the couple, now broken up, got engaged in Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar Bataan on July 18, 2023. According to Tito Boy, Bea has returned the engagement ring to Dominic. 

During the announcement, Tito Boy also addressed some rumors circulating about Dominic and Bea. One of the rumors is a speculated prenuptial agreement.

“Yung prenup po ay medyo na-shock po ako because ang pagkakaalam ko po, many months ago, napag-usapan ho ito sa aking pagkakaalam,” he said

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Tito Boy also clarified that the two did not have any fixed agreement on their wedding plans yet to debunk the rumors that it was going to be held in Tagaytay in April.

“As originally talked about, nag-ocular po ang dalawa, tama ho ‘yun, sa Europa. And may mga lumalabas na kuwento rin na they went to Japan, tama rin po ‘yun and I think they were trying to talk things out,” he said.

Tito Boy also called out people who baselessly judged or accused either Bea or Dominic of the break-up. 

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“To me, napaka-judgmental po nun. Yes, you and I have the right to comment. Yes, we have the freedom of speech pero ako, I appeal for kindness,”  Tito boy addressed to those who judge Bea or Dominic.

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