Unveiling Anisha Rosnah: 5 Fascinating Insights Into Brunei’s Future Royal

Brunei’s royal family has recently announced the up and coming wedding of Prince Abdul Mateen ibni Hassanal Bolkiah and Anisha Rosnah. The event is set for the dates January 7-16, 2024, and the world will definitely be watching. If you’re wondering who Anisha Rosnah is, read ahead to find out 5 fascinating insights about the future royal heading into her path into Brunei’s House of Bolkiah.

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1. Regal Roots

Anisha Rosnah is the granddaughter of Pehin Dato Isa who is the special advisor of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. Her familial ties solidify her connection to the royal lineage in Brunei. Her grandfather was previously the deputy attorney general and deputy chief minister for the family, and is still currently the Sultan’s advisor. 

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2. Academic Pursuits in the U.K.

Anisha’s educational background traces back to the University of Bath in England. Her academic experience truly diversifies the framework of her personhood, giving her a wider global perspective.

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3. Entrepreneurial Spirit

Aside from the privileges that came with being the Sultan’s advisor’s granddaughter, Anisha also made her own way into the entrepreneurial realm. According to reports, Anisha is the owner of Silk Collective, a fashion brand that specializes in silk dresses and blouses.

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4. Love Story Unveiled

The union of the esteemed couple was announced last year in October, echoing the beginning of such a wonderful love story. While the specificities of how they met are still unknown, this still adds an air of mystique in their relationship. It truly is heartwarming to those who have been following them to see the couple take their romance further.

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5. Social Circles and Affiliations

Another thing that further shows her close ties to the royal family of Brunei is her friendship with KC Del Rosario who is Prince Jefri Bolkiah’s daughter. Previously, she attended Princess Azemah Ni’matul Bolkiah’s royal wedding, and subsequently went to Paris Fashion Week to witness the Elie Saab Haute Couture fashion show with KC. However, it is clear that their association extends far beyond these events as they spend a lot of time together in exclusive dinners, polo games, and other social affairs.

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This list is just the surface of the prominent young woman, and perhaps the world will see more of what she has to offer in the times to come. Nevertheless, the soon-to-be-royal truly has an interesting life, extending further with her union with Prince Abdul Mateen.

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