Angcars: Angkas Eyes Four-Wheeled Service

Another Company aims to compete against the ever-Philippine-dominating transport network company (TNC) GrabCar.

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Angkas is known for its dominantly blue-themed motorcycle taxis. Angkas declared their plans to join the transport network vehicle service (TNVS).

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In a town hall interview, George Royeca, the CEO of Angkas, laid out their plans for 2024, which include the plans to launch Angcars, a four-wheeled ride-hailing service. Royeca also declared that Angcars will address the commuter’s demands for vehicle services.

“Angcars is designed to be an advanced ride-hailing app that seamlessly blends affordability with user-friendly navigation,” Royeca said during the town hall interview.

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However, this also implies that the ever-dominating GrabCar finally has a competitor in the ride-hailing service market. 

One feature of the Angcars application that can be looked forward to is the Angcars Economy or Angcars Plus option, which allows commuters to choose between four-seater or six-seater cars. 

Beyond the plan to launch Angcars in 2024, Angkas also announced other features such as Angkas Health, which offers healthcare home services from medical professionals. 

Angkas Padala is another feature Angkas is eyeing, which offers app payment and financial transaction services. 

Royeca also highlighted their offer to Angkas Drivers who wish to upgrade their motorcycle vehicles: loaning money through their Angkash Initiative, which is co-partnered with Honda and Uno Bank.

 Except for Angkas and Grab, other TNCs in the Philippines offer vehicle services, such as JoyRide, TokTE-Pick Me Up, Owto, and Gojo. Similarly, it can be recalled that Joyride launched their own Super Taxi last November 2023, which has the same rate as regular taxis but offers more modern vehicles.

Despite these operational TNCs in the Philippines, commuters’ demand for public transport options still needs to be satisfied. This in itself is a manifestation of public transport’s insufficiency.

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