From Elevate to Tapestry: Here Are Ai’s Favorite Words

It’s BIG Word Day! And what better way to celebrate it than by looking into the “highfalutin” words that Ai commonly uses!

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Ai or artificial intelligence is slowly taking over the world, including the sector of literature. However, similar to how us humans can sometimes reach a writer’s block, Ai also has tendencies in using repetitive words regardless of your varying prompts.

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So, in no particular order, here are Ai’s favorite words according to


Definition: A type of fabric with designs formed by weaving colored threads.

Sample Sentence: Cebu is a tapestry of culture and heritage.

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Definition: To raise or lift to a higher position.

Sample Sentence: Elevate your camping experiences by heading to this island now!

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Definition: To plan and direct the route or to find one’s way through.

Sample Sentence: Navigate your way to the hotel by following the instructions of the tour guide.

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Definition: Used to describe someone or something that’s interesting or beautiful to look at.

Sample Sentence: The captivating views of sunset will make your vacation worth it.

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Definition: A display of variety

Sample Sentence: Bantayan Island has an array of beautiful marine life.

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Definition: To go on a journey or board a ship

Sample Sentence: Let’s embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

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Definition: To dig deeper or research more about a subject

Sample Sentence: Interesting stories will welcome you as we get to delve deeper into the history of Cebu.

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Definition: A musical composition for full orchestra or a group of items that goes in harmony with each other

Sample Sentence: A symphony of the sound of the crashing waves and sea breeze will be the music that will envelop your stay at the resort.

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Definition: Colorful or full of energy

Sample Sentence: The Sinulog is one of the most-awaited and vibrant festival in the Philippines.

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Definition: Different types

Sample Sentence: The Queen City of the South is one of the most beautiful and diverse when it comes to its people and culture.

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Have you noticed some of the words above when you used an Ai tool? Share those words in the comments below!

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