Aesthetic: Sugboanon Fashion Styles in 2024

From Y2K to Dark Academia, let’s discover the different aesthetics of stylish Sugboanons!


Photo from Sarah Power on Pinterest

Embracing the retro flair with oversized varsity jackets and low-rise denim, channeling the spirit of the Spice Girls, NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys is the style of the Y2K aesthetic.


For a certified feminine Y2K style, wear metallic pieces, midriff tees, micro mini skirts, and bandanas. For a masculine option, wear baggy pants or ones with graphic designs paired with an oversized shirt or hoodie; take Cebuano influencer Kobe Go as an example.


Photo from Everskies

The term “coquette” literally means “flirt” in French, which reflects the characteristics of the coquette aesthetic. It is the softest style, embracing vintage pieces and tons of bows! 


You can take Maloi from Bini PH as your inspiration or simply wear Mary Janes, pearl choker necklaces, a pastel floral mini dress, and pink ribbons tied in your hair, wrist, or around your waist to make them into belts. At the end of the day, you’ll look like an adorable doll who belongs in an enchanted wonderland.

Old Money

Timeless pieces and an overall clean look define the old money aesthetic. This aesthetic focuses on wardrobe staples such as white shirts and blazers. 


David and Victoria Beckham can be your style goals as the couple often wear luxurious-looking pieces. Aside from the basics, you can wear tailored trousers, ballet flats, and simple jewelry to complete the look.

Dark Academia

Photo from Shoplook

The rise of booktok is one of the reasons why the dark academia aesthetic became a trend. This style draws inspiration from the look of poets and classic European vibes.


When choosing dark academia pieces, you can consider Hogwarts, such as the darkness of Draco Malfoy or maybe Severus Snape’s billowing cape. You can focus on the brown and black color schemes and add geeky glasses for an intelligent look.

So, looking at yourself, what’s your aesthetic right now, and what do you want to inspire your style in the next months? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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