#ItsAJoke: 2024 April Fools Pranks Posted By Brands

Are you one of those who believed that Saudi Arabia will have their first Miss Universe contestant? Or that there will be Lyrid meteorites that can be seen on Cebu’s highest peak? Well, those were pranks posted to celebrate April Fools’ Day.

So, let’s get to see what brands shared to their followers last April 1, 2024:

Baa Baa Thai Tea

Screengrab from Baa Baa Thai Tea’s Official Facebook Page

Baa Baa Thai Tea introduced their latest creation of milk tea cocktail: Cha Yen x Lambanog, a tasty combination of milk tea and coconut wine. Now every sip is not just a boba explosion, but also a step further to being the drunken boba master!


Screengrab from Turk’s Official Facebook Page

Turks posted about their limited edition Dark Choco Wrap which is a shawarma filled with melt-in-your-mouth chocolate pieces. Although it’s a prank, it may be something Turks should consider since it can be sort of similar to Jollibee’s choco pie.

Mogu Mogu

Screengrab from Mogu Mogu Manila’s Official Facebook Page

Mogu Mogu Manila, known for their tropical juice flavors, showed their followers the latest addition to their options, which is the Korean Flavor Chicken Fried drink. It’s the perfect beverage for those who are craving for chicken but don’t want the hassle of chewing actual meat.

Cheezken Cebu

Screengrab from Cheezken’s Official Facebook Page

Cheezken brought Filipino pride to their newest menu addition, the Adobo Cheesecake! The perfect potluck item for anyone who wants savory and sweet in one!

The Limestone Brew

Screengrab from Limestone Brew’s Official Facebook Page

The Limestone Brew brings another creative twist to a popular Filipino delicacy in their latest Sisig Latte. Best paired with the Baa Baa Cha Yen x Lambanog for your tagay sessions.

Co-Lab Cebu

Screengrab from Co-Lab Cebu’s Official Facebook Page

Co-Lab Cebu announced that they will be partnering with Dante Basco, the voice of famous characters such as Zuko from Avatar and Jake Long the American Dragon. Considering the talented folks behind the company, I was hoping the news was true.

XPG Global

Screengrab from XPG Global’s Official Facebook Page

XPG Global showed us their Beta Wireless Gaming Soap for the gamers who struggle with basic hygiene. With every rub on the soap, it will just feel like playing on a wireless mouse.


Screengrab from Vismin PH’s Official Facebook Page

Visimin.PH’s post is inspired by an actual meteorite phenomenon, the Lyrid meteorites that always passby Earth every April. But, it can’t be seen in the Philippines so there’s that!

And last but not the least: The World’s Largest Ferris Wheel, posted by yours truly, SugboPH!

April Fools’ Day is a Western celebration that’s being embraced by Filipinos nowadays. So, keep in mind the first of April when it comes next year so you won’t fall prey to the pranks. Always remember: VERIFY before hitting believing what you see on social media.

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