YouTube Now Offers Exclusive Gaming Feature: ‘Playables’

YouTube Premium is giving people more reasons to switch with their exciting new addition to their subscription perks – ‘Playables,’ which is an exclusive gaming feature for Premium members. With over 30 arcade games seamlessly integrated into the YouTube app on Android, iOS, and Web, this innovation eliminates the need for downloads, offering a gaming experience that gives you the overall YouTube experience.

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Premium subscribers can go into the world of gaming by simply launching the YouTube app on their devices or by visiting the YouTube website. Navigating through the homepage or the explore menu reveals a dedicated ‘Playables’ shelf. Users then have to activate the ‘Play games on YouTube’ option, found on the experimental features page.

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To access the ‘Playables’ feature, users need to tap the profile icon at the bottom right of the mobile app, scroll down to ‘Your Premium benefits,’ and select ‘Try experimental new features.’ It’s important to note that this feature is exclusively available to Premium members until March 28, sparking speculation about potential expansions and the introduction of more premium games, reminiscent of the Netflix Games service.

Photo from Unsplash
Photo from Unsplash

This announcement follows YouTube’s recent development of enhanced bitrate offerings on 1080p videos to Premium users. The feature, initially available on iOS, has now been extended to Android devices and smart TVs, ensuring that Premium members enjoy an enhanced video streaming experience.

YouTube Premium continues to elevate its subscription offering with the introduction of ‘Playables,’ providing a new dimension to the YouTube experience for gaming enthusiasts. As YouTube continues to experiment and expand its premium offerings, subscribers can look forward to an even more enriched and personalized platform.

Photo from Unsplash

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