Working Long Hours Can Lead to Baldness, Study Says

Before you decide to work overtime tonight, you better read this first. 

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Some Filipinos work overtime for multiple reasons; either they want the OT pay or because they are loaded with work. But one thing is for sure, working long hours is not good. Overworking can kill you; did you know that? 

Not only that, but there is a study that shows how working long hours can lead to hair loss!

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According to a four-year-long study conducted by the Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine and Kangbuk Samsung Hospital’s Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Korea, there is a significant connection between working long hours and alopecia.

The researchers examined 13,000 employed Korean men. According to the findings, hair loss is due to stress at work, which leads to extra hormones that damage hair follicles.

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Working hard is commendable, but overworking is just bigger harm on its own. Hair loss and even death; are two things you should be scared of. You should rethink your decision to work overtime tonight. 

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