Unusual Christmas Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones

What makes gifts special is their peculiarity. Well, maybe not even exactly that, but how well we are able to discern whether or not a certain loved one would appreciate something, especially with its being unusual.

We all know how people react whenever they receive either a wall clock or a mug during Christmas, so if you want to get a newfound reaction from those you plan to give to this holiday season, you might want to explore these options.

1. Dancing Cactus Toy

There are two reasons why you’re likely to give someone a dancing cactus toy for Christmas: it’s either that this someone is a toddler who needs a magical intelligent cactus who sings and dances, or this someone is just an adult who has a thing for magical intelligent cacti who sing and dance just because.

Either way, getting this gift for someone is a great idea because who else could even think about this gift except you, reader who searched “Unusual Christmas Gifts” online or clicked on the article that said so. Make your receiver feel special, or maybe just make them laugh. Get them the cactus!


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2. Burrito Blanket

House supplies might feel boring at this point, and maybe young adults can consider them “too adulting” considering their likely inclination to their teenage years. What better way to get a blanket than to have it in the form of a burrito?

Pop off, sleeping tortilla!


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3. Food-inspired Hairpins 

There are always better ways to upgrade a simple gift, and to have it more customized and artsy makes all the difference. For the kikay girls and boys out there, and for sure you have at least one of them in your circle, these food-inspired hairpins are the perfect gift to give them on Christmas.

Then, the sentiment “You have food stuck in your hair” will have a completely different meaning.


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4. Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

If you have a friend or a loved one who just likes to give themselves more problems as a hobby, this personalized jigsaw puzzle is perfectly suited for them. While the thought of assembling tiny pieces of a bigger picture, whatever it may be, is already entertaining to these people, how much more if this picture is something that’s closer to home?

Surprise your friends with a personalized jigsaw puzzle, and I swear you’ll make their Christmas!


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5. Couple Magnetic Holding Hands Socks

Oh, it’s weird, alright. Maybe if you take your first look at this gift, all that plays in your head is Cardi B’s “WHAT WAS THE REASON?!” but to others you may know, it can be everything they wanted.

If you’re wondering how people who wear this will walk, maybe just leave it to those who don’t actually wear things for convenience and just feed into their weird fantasy. It is Christmas, after all.


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6.  Long Cat Plush Toy

We’ve heard of hotdog dogs, but let’s try to be a little more inclusive to other species this holiday season. If you have a friend who is just all over cats, this is a very thoughtful gift to give them.

Perfect for cuddling and putting one of your legs on when sleeping, this gift comes in different sizes from 50 centimeters, 90, to 130.


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7. Anti-stress Pressure Pig Ball Fidget

I remember a time when everyone at school was carrying a fidget spinner. Maybe humans just like to do something with their hands when they’re not really doing anything (while I do know that some people actually use it to deal with anxiety and stress). This is a perfect variant to have as an addendum to stress or fidget toys. Nothing cuter than having a pink porky ball to squeeze randomly.


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8. Black Coal Ball Plush Throw Pillow 

I don’t know what it is, but there is definitely something so appealing about mere huge eyes. May they be of a dog’s, a cat’s, or a pillow that’s not really anything but a black backdrop.

This gift is kind of unusual, but is definitely cute. Who knows, you might have a friend who’s very much into eyes.


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9. Facial Expression Face Masks

If you’ve lived through the pandemic, then you know how much the internet gagged over that Manny Pacquiao face mask. Of course, face masks, since their proclaimed necessity have become fashion statements, and if you have a friend who’s just here for a good time, then these facial expression masks are perfect for them no matter how ridiculous they look. Maybe that’s not even a “no matter” situation, but the exact reason why they like this item.

As uncanny and funny these gifts can be, I can almost say it’s Halloween on Christmas.


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10. Crocodile Bite Game

Whenever I search for something I want to buy and I see that it’s labeled under kids’ items, I purse my lips and blurt out a laugh that can mean just anything. Either way, nobody tells me what to buy, and thankfully, only I know my purchasing history. This biting crocodile is still for toddlers, but who’s to say what’s for whom?

It’s fun, it’s cute, and I like reptiles. Maybe your friend does too.


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11. Poo Squishy

Sometimes I find products online that make me question how much demand there was for industries to actually manufacture such things. This poo squishy is an example, and I know for a fact that a lot of people do enjoy these kinds of gifts and honestly, good for them!

This unusual toy is mostly used for pranks, but of course, a fidget toy as well which you can squeeze whenever you feel like it. Make everyone’s heads turn and go get this item.


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12. Reversible Octopus Plushie

This item made noise on the internet because of how cute it is. There are two kinds of octopus plushies: one where it has a happy side and an angry side, and another that has an angry side and an even angrier side. I personally love the latter.



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