2023 Guide: 6 Best Tuslob Buwa Spots in Cebu


Cebu is home to a multitude of delicacies that people come here for to enjoy or try out. Some are pretty easy to love because of their convenience, presentation, and the familiarity of people about what the dish is, paired with the anticipation for what Cebuano twist there is. However, there is one dish that originates from this region which causes a lot of people shock – the tuslob buwa.

Tuslob buwa is a dish that literally translates to “dip in bubbles”. It works through combining ingredients in one pan until they thicken, and then dipping the puso or hanging rice in the mixture. The dish is made of pig brain and pork liver.

Recently, the dish has gained traction from people outside of Cebu, and they cannot wait to find out what it tastes like. If you plan on finding out yourself, here are some spots in the city where you can try it:

1. RandR D’ Original Tuslob Buwa sa Pasil

Pasil is a good place to find the best tuslob buwa since the dish has its origins there. RandR D’Original Tuslob Buwa sa Pasil is one of the best-selling shops for the Cebuano special, gaining acclaim for their use of authentic ingredients. Despite the shop being set up at the CCLEX Food Park, the recipe remains Pasil-made.

For only Php 210 a set, you can enjoy your delicious tuslob buwa. Catch them at CCLEX Food Park Cebu City, Philippines.


2. 8Flix & Chill

8Flix & Chill is a great tuslob buwa place especially when you unexpectedly crave the dish because of their many branches.

The following are the different branches of 8Flix and their respective opening hours:

  • 8Flix & Chill Cebu City, The Parking Lot of Queensland Manor Condominiums, Rahman St., Zapatera, Cebu City 

Opening Hours:  11AM – 1AM Daily

  • 8Flix & Chill Lapu-Lapu City, Outlet Mall, Pueblo Verde, MEPZ II, Lapulapu City (Infront of Tamiya Terminal) 

Opening Hours: 11AM – 1AM Daily

  • 8Flix & Chill Talisay City, San Isidro Road, Talisay City (Beside Monterey School) 

Opening Hours: 3PM – 12AM Daily

8Flix & Chill provides a very cowboy-esque ambiance with their outdoor service and do-it-yourself procedure of customers mixing their own ingredients and cooking the pig brain.


3. Jeprox Food Stuff

Jeprox Food Stuff is the place to go when you’re craving tuslob buwa, yet want other fried dishes to pair it with. The shop has a wide range of menu from takoyaki, shrimp tempura, cheese sticks, crabsticks, dynamite, and a lot more. To top it all off, their food is very affordable.

You can get one set of tuslob buwa with 10 puso for as low as Php 110!


4. Azul Cebu

Directly following the trend that started in Pasil and Suba, Azul Cebu kept up around 2016 to establish itself as one of the top tuslob buwa spots in Cebu. You can find them in the streets of Asilo, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines with their outdoor style of dining.

A set of tuslob buwa that comes with 12 puso is for Php 180. Other than that, Azul offers special tuslob buwa dishes including one that has egg, chicharon, and roasted garlic, which is sold per set for Php 220.


  • Opening hours: 24 HOURS Daily
  • Contact number: 0947 531 6284
  • Email address: N/A
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/azul.cebu
  • Exact Location: Asilo, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines

5. Elvie’s Tuslob Buwa

Also known as Don Don Eatery & D’Original Tuslob Buwa. When it comes to authenticity, Elvie’s Tuslob Buwa stands unparalleled among other spots in serving the genuine Pasil-originated delicacy. Established in 2002, it swiftly earned the title of Pardohanon’s favorite, drawing not only locals but also visitors from neighboring barangays who embark on a journey for a taste of the true Tuslob Buwa experience.

With a set of 10 pieces of puso for Php 70, you can have an unlimited tuslob buwa For Free.

6. 7’e Tuslo Buwa Sa Pardo

7’e Tuslo Buwa Sa Pardo is praised by its customers for the delicious taste of their very own tuslob buwa. They serve fresh ingredients that go perfectly well with the pig brain, and aside from that, they also offer other fried goods such as hotdogs, lumpia, and dynamite. You can find them at 92A Gabuya St. Pardo , Cebu City, Philippines.

Here, you can avail a set of tuslob buwa without puso, which means you will have to bring your own rice, for Php 70. You can also avail a set with 6 pieces of puso for Php 100.


  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 AM – 6 PM
  • Contact number: 0932 626 5362
  • Email address: N/A
  • Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/7edipinbubbles
  • Exact Location: 92A Gabuya St. Pardo , Cebu City, Philippines.

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