2023 Ultimate Travel Guide to Bantayan Island: Cebu’s Best Beach Destination

In the northern part of Cebu, there lies an island that has been sought as a vacation spot not just by local Cebuanos, but also from other parts of the country. Bantayan Island is indeed one of Cebu’s best beaches to go to.

How to Get There:

Exact Location: Bantayan Island, Northern Cebu

Starting from Cebu City, you can take a bus in the Cebu North Bus Terminal bound to the Hagnaya Port. This is the port where ferries that can take passengers to the island take off. Travel time of the bus is around three hours and the average fare for each head is P250 for air-conditioned buses and P270.00 for non-air-conditioned ones. Most buses bound to Bantayan have rides as early as 4AM, with last trips at 5PM.

Once you’re in Hagnaya Port, you can catch a public ferry to Santa Fe, where the ferry ride is estimated an hour travel time and has P300 approximate fare per head. Ferries from this port depart as early as 6PM and with the last trips at 1PM the next day.

Tricycle and motorbikes are readily available within the area. Most tricycles and motorbikes have a minimum fare of P10 but that may vary depending on the destination you want to go to. Tourists can also rent motorcycles and bikes, which are approximately P350 and P150, respectively per day.

Where to Stay in Bantayan Island:

Whether you are in a budget or if you want to have a luxurious stay while in Bantayan, the place has many resorts and hostel to choose from.

Some of the budget-friendly places to stay in Bantayan Island include the Althea White Beach Resort where room rates start at P600, the Kota Beach Resort and Casa Isabel where room rates start at Php 650.00, and the Nordic Inn where room rates start at P700.

Photo from Kota Beach Facebook Page
Photo by Jonathan Chiu
Photo from Althea Beach Resort and Restaurant Facebook Page

For those who want a more expensive stay, the Ogtong Cave Resort has exclusive rooms that start at P2,000 and the Maia’s Beach Resort where room rates start at P1,700.

Note: Room rates are based on Agoda.com

What to Do in Bantayan Island:

Like most famous beaches in Cebu, there are many fun activities to do while in Bantayan Island such as:

  • Swim the beaches of Santa Fe: some of the highly recommended beaches while in the island are Alice Beach, Kota Beach or known as Camp Sawi, Maricaban Beach and Paradise Beach
  • Stroll or bike around the island while under the summer sun
  • Visit the Virgin Island or the Silion Island and the Hilantagaan/Cabaluan Island
  • Take a cold swim in Ogtong Cave Pool
  • Visit the old churches of town such as the St. Peter Church and Paul Church of Bantayan
  • Visit old heritage houses and establishments in Bantayan
  • Drop by at Dalton Pass Shrine
  • Snorkeling or free-diving while at the beaches
Photo by @criznose via Instagram
Photo from Kota Beach Facebook Page
Photo by Sherre G
Photo by Raynard Vaño

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