Embrace childhood by looking back on these 5 toys Filipinos grew up loving

With the recent viral trend of the lato-lato toy captivating not just kids but also teenagers and adults, it has sparked a wave of nostalgia among Filipinos. 

The fascination with this simple yet captivating toy has prompted us to reflect on the cherished playthings of our childhood, reminding us of the joy and innocence that defined our younger years. 

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane as we revisit five nostalgic toys that Filipino kids of past decades will surely remember.

1. Pogs

Starting off strong and calling dibs on the Barbie pogs.

A staple in schoolyards and neighborhood gatherings, pogs were a phenomenon that swept through the Philippines in the 1990s. 

These small, circular cardboard or plastic discs adorned with vibrant designs and images became a must-have collectible. 

Kids would stack them and use a larger “slammer” to knock down their opponents’ pogs. 

Pogs brought forth friendly competitions, trading sessions, and hours of fun-filled entertainment.

Are pogs still being sold anywhere? Let us know… for research purposes.

2. Yo-yo

A timeless classic, the yo-yo has been captivating children for generations. 

Filipino kids would spend hours perfecting their yo-yo skills, mastering tricks such as “walk the dog,” “rock the cradle,” and “around the world.” 

Whether it was a simple wooden yo-yo or a flashy light-up version, the joy of watching the yo-yo spin and return to your hand was unmatched.

3. Rubber Band or Dampa

Simple yet versatile, the rubber band or dampa was a common toy that could be fashioned into various forms of entertainment. 

Kids would create makeshift slingshots, shooting small stones or folded pieces of paper at targets. 

The rubber band could also be transformed into a jumping toy by attaching it to the fingers and bouncing it up and down, providing endless amusement and challenges.

4. Paper Dolls

In a world before tablets and smartphones, paper dolls were a beloved source of imaginative play. 

Filipino kids would cut out paper dolls and their accompanying clothes from magazines or coloring books. 

With their creativity in full swing, they would create stories and scenarios, dressing up the paper dolls and acting out various scenes. 

It was a chance to explore their imagination and engage in pretend play for hours on end.

5. Plastic Balloon

I could smell this one just by writing about it. 

The process of playing with it was simple yet captivating. 

To begin, one would squeeze the tube containing the resin-like substance, extracting a small portion that could be rolled into a ball. 

Placing the substance at the tip of a straw, the anticipation would build as air was blown slowly, transforming the small ball into a fascinating balloon. 

This process of creation brought joy and excitement to children, who would marvel at the transformation before their eyes. 

The plastic balloon was a testament to the resourcefulness and creativity of Filipino kids, who found delight in the simplest of toys.

These five nostalgic toys hold a special place in the hearts of many Filipino adults today, evoking fond memories of simpler times and carefree childhoods. 

They represent a time when imagination reigned supreme, and playtime was filled with laughter, creativity, and endless possibilities.

These timeless toys serve as a reminder that happiness can be found in the simplest of things, and the memories we create during our childhood can stay with us for a lifetime. 

Let’s celebrate the nostalgia and hold dear the cherished toys that shaped our younger selves, while creating new memories and experiences for the generations to come.

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