Toblerone Slowly Bids Bye-Bye to Matterhorn Mountain, Here’s Why

2023 might be the year of rebranding, and Toblerone is doing that.

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As Toblerone opens a new plant in Bratislava, Matterhorn mountain slowly disappears from the chocolate’s packaging. So, why is Matterhorn Mountain fading? Global warming? Avalanche? One word, rebranding.

Aside from Matterhorn Mountain, Toblerone had to replace “of Switzerland” on the packaging as the company introduced the new Slovakia production line to meet the increase in global demands. Therefore, according to a Mondelez spokeswoman, Toblerone has to adapt its packaging to the Swissness legislation.

Matterhorn Mountain, Zermatt, Schweiz | Photo from Unsplash

What happens to Matterhorn Mountain? The redesign makes use of a modern mountain logo. The goal is to be geometric and have a triangle aesthetic. The bear of Bern will still be part of the new mountain, hidden in its contours.


Not many people, especially Swiss people, were happy about the change. And according to Olivier Furrer, a marketing professor at Fribourg University, the Matterhorn is important for Swiss consumers because of its pride.

Photo from Unsplash

Was this a good move from an intricate Matterhorn Mountain to a geometric triangle aesthetic? What do you think?

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